Fire levels Forest Grove cabinet business

Fire levels Forest Grove cabinet business
by: Chase Allgood,

Nearly three dozen fire-fighters from five jurisdictions battled a three-alarm fire which destroyed the paint shop at a cabinet manufac-turer north of Forest Grove Wednesday.

The fire started in the paint shop of F and C Cabinet at about 2:30 p.m., according to Forest Grove Fire Chief Robert Mills.

He said earlier in the after-noon workers had applied some lacquer to some cabinets and left them in the paint shop.

'About 20 minutes later,' he said, 'one of the guys came back and notice smoke com-ing out of the building.'

By the time firefighters ar-rived, Mills said, the fire had engulfed the building.

'Once we determined there was no one inside, our main concern was making sure it didn't spread to other build-ings,' Mills said. 'We pumped in a lot of water to get the heat down.'

Mills said it took about 30 firefighters a half-hour to get the fire under control. Given all the wood around and the proximity of adjacent build-ings, Mills said, 'it could have been a lot worse.'

The 46-year-old cabinet business, which employs about 80 people, is located at 6950 N.W. Kansas City Road, be-tween Forest Grove and Banks.

The Forest Grove firefight-ers were joined by crews from Banks, Cornelius, Gaston and Washington County Fire Dis-trict 2.

No employees were in-jured, though one firefighter had to be treated for heat ex-haustion.