by: Rita A. Leonard Neighbors in Garthwick honor the memory of Oregonian garden columnist Dulcy Mahar, a longtime resident of the south-Sellwood district, who passed away on July 2.

A plethora of pink flamingos decorate lawns in the Garthwick district at the south end of Sellwood, in memory of Dulcy Mahar, the well-known garden columnist for The Oregonian who passed away July 2. (See separate BEE obituary.)

In a touching salute to the beloved neighbor and garden enthusiast, homeowners have set out many pairs and foursomes of the quaint lawn ornaments.

Scores of readers took courage from this enthusiastic plant lover, who confessed to her mistakes as well as her successes. With wit and grace, she promoted working with plants as an extension of one's personality, rather than simply as the creation of a landscape to frame the home.

Dulcy was able to touch the hearts of many with her green- and brown-thumb attempts at creating fascinating corners and new vistas to afford personal satisfaction to the home gardener.

Her useful tips and suggestions for ornamentation such as pools, bowers, statues, birdhouses - and even pink flamingos - expressed a creativity that appealed to gardeners of all levels.

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