Suspect bolts during burglary and shatters the glass in the front door getting out of the pharmacy
by: Bob Schoenberg, A burglary dropped roof-top duct work from an air-conditioning system down to the ceiling below over the pharmacy area of McCann’s Pharmacy in the Plaza Shopping Center Saturday night to gain entry.

KING CITY - A King City police officer responding to a burglary alarm at McCann's Pharmacy in the Plaza Shopping Center, 15600 S.W. Pacific Highway, just after midnight Saturday Sept. 16, and after talking to a witness, arrested a suspect walking alone in the parking lot with broken shards of glass on his pants.

The witness told Police Officer Kristan Rinell that a man had come bursting out through the front door of McCann's shattering the glass and then ran south along the walkway as fast as he can.

Rinell was responding to an alarm at McCann's.

Joe McCann, father of the pharmacy's owner, Mat McCann, said, 'he must have realized the alarm going and kicked out the front door. It was a real mess, a big mess.'

Rinell took into custody the suspect found in the south parking lot of the Plaza Shopping Center.

Arrested and transported to Washington County jail was Shane Orozco, 26, who gave an address of 4121 S.E Lee Anna Way to investigators. Orozco was charged with Burglary II and Criminal Mischief I.

Tigard Police and Washington County Deputies also responding to the alarm set up a perimeter around the neighborhoods in the area by 12:30 a.m.

Investigators said that the suspect had climbed onto the roof of the pharmacy and tore away ducts from a roof-top air-conditioning system and dropped them through the roof where they broke away the ceiling tiles below.

Surveillance cameras showed that the suspect then waited a few minutes before dropping down through the hole in the roof onto the floor in the middle of the pharmacy.

According to police, further charges may be forthcoming.

'It's still being investigated,' said King City Police Chief Chuck Fessler.

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