The announcement last month that King City Mayor Chuck Faes would step down prior to the end of his term was indeed shocking news for those who hold the popular and soft-spoken mayor in high regard.

He had worked tirelessly to keep the city moving forward, during a time of many challenges.

Faes plans to officially leave public life at the first council meeting in September due to illness.

The one term mayor and long time King City volunteer announced that he has cancer and needs to slow down his activities upon his doctor's advice.

We wish Faes well, and applaud the way he handled announcing his departure from public life. He is a public official with the highest of integrity.

In an interview with the Regal Courier he said, 'I'm not just walking away from a job, that's not my way of doing things. It was one of those things where I was talking to my doctors and they recommended that I get out of stressful situations.'

Anyone who knows Faes would not be surprised he would have everything in order prior to steeping down as mayor.

King City was fortunate to have the mild mannered Faes as its leader since the beginning of 2005. His wisdom and steady hand helped led his fellow councilors as they tackled the many challenges that face the 40-year old city.

Since moving to King City with his wife Nancy, Faes has served on the King City Planning Commission, as well as the city budget committee. He lives his life with the belief that volunteerism was part of being a good citizen.

His volunteerism reaches far beyond government, having spent many years contributing to the Boy Scouts of America and serving on the Board of governors for Shrine's Hospital.

Mayor Chuck Faes has many friends in and beyond King City. He is largely responsible for improving the image of the community, by addressing issues with fairness and compromise.

We, as well as the city staff, his many friends and family wish Faes well as he faces the toughest fight of this life.

And knowing Faes he plans on winning the battle.

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