by: Gail Park, Bill Hunter

Summerfield Art Fest is set to showcase local talent

It comes as no surprise that the Summerfield community has its own colony of artists, many of whom are well known for many different art forms.

Don't miss this year's bigger and better Art Fest Saturday, September 30th and Sunday October 1st in the Summerfield Clubhouse.

Some lucky attendee will walk home with a Jack Allen original, 'Bubba's Cove,' which is the featured raffle item this year. Allen, chairman of this year's event will also display many of his whimsical paintings that continue to receive accolades and raves from area artists and collectors.

Jan Byerlee's china painting classes as well as Suzy Lee's watercolor classes will showcase their works in progress and you might even be enticed to sign up for one of the popular classes.

The Art Fest promises plenty of surprises including a special showing of a 1969 XKE Jaguar roadster, restored by Summerfield's Ray DeLuca.

There is no charge for the event that runs from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

No sugar is added at The Diabetic Bakery

Kevin Corwin and Lino Rodriguez are mixing up some pretty tasty treats at their new bakery over on Pacific Highway in Tigard.

I stopped by the bakery's booth at King City's 40th birthday party and was amazed that a special 'chocolate chip' cookie could taste so good with no sugar added.

Rumor has it that the bakery's hottest seller is a Bavarian style éclair again made with no sugar.

I tried to pry out the secret to the sugarless cooking, but found only that it was not Splenda, Equal or Sweet-n-low that the bakers use in their cooking.

Whatever the secret ingredient, it is worth checking out the delicious offerings at Diabetic Bakery.

And interestingly enough it is not just diabetics that are buying up Kevin and Lino's delights.

Many of the their best customers are people who like to eat healthy, love desert, but are watching the waistline. Sound like anybody you know?

Golf Cart owners beware in Summerfield

This reminder applies to everyone, not just Summerfield golf art owners.

Straight from the Summerfield Summary a warning notes that automobile rules of the road apply to golf carts as well. In deed that is a fact.

You must abide by rules that apply to cars period, including stopping at stop signs, obeying posted speed limits and have a valid and legal driver's license.

The Tigard Police have noted a number of infractions of driving rules in Summerfield this summer. Over in King City the problem is also apparent.

So just as a warning to the wise, be save, be legal or face a ticket, just as you would if you violated the law while driving your car.

King City Lions play Bingo and help kids

This summer the King City Lions Club played Bingo with first and second grade diabetic kids.

The Lions also shared lunch with the kids at Gales Creek Camp.

Lions Jerry Feickert and his wife Anna, Ruth Edwards and Rod Shelledy conducted Bingo during one week of camp.

The following week Lions Pat Dinges, George Ford and Bill Gerkin played Bingo, and we understand that both groups of Lions were armed with prizes for nearly 50 campers.

The Lions who participated reports they had a lot of fun, as did the kids.

In case you did not know

Another one of the King City Civic Association best kept secrets in the horseshoe court at the Crown Center. Instructions are available upon request. For information call Art Eastwood at 503-730-4624.

After ten years on the job, Karen Mathews, Summerfield Administrator, has resigned her position. She and her husband Jack have sold their Summerfield home and moved to Molalla where Jack is a pastor of a local church. Many who live in Summerfield will miss Karen. We wish her well.

If your computer is getting the best of you, check into the Summerfield Windows computer club. The informal group meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. in the clubhouse conference room. Anyone is welcome and the purpose of the club is to share solutions to computer problems. They also focus on evaluating new software.

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