Residents concerned about proposed course should attend meeting

FAIRVIEW - Local residents who remembered plans for a proposed golf course at Blue Lake Park were concerned when crews mowed down a number of blackberry bushes and weeds earlier this week at the park.

Although a golf course is still a possibility, no one should panic yet, as it is not going to become a reality overnight.

'There are a lot of steps to get there and we are still in that study and research stage,' said Heather Nelson Kent, Metro spokeswoman.

The blackberries were simply removed in preparation for some surveying work that needs to be done in the area, she said.

'It's been interesting, because what we realized once it was done that those blackberries absorbed a lot of the sound from Marine Drive,' Kent said.

Although Metro has received complaints from a few neighbors who were concerned about losing their sound buffer, Kent said the changes were necessary as the shrubs hid substantial wetlands in the area.

Metro officials are working to implement ideas outlined in their 2001 master plan, which calls for a feasibility study regarding the possible construction of a golf course at Blue Lake Park.

'In 2001, we adopted lots of different improvements for Blue Lake, and … a golf course is the proposed future for that site,' Kent said.

A public meeting about the possibility of constructing a golf course at the park is tentatively set for November, to allow sufficient time for Metro officials to look through preliminary surveying information.

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