Boater finds another human limb in Columbia River

Police say an arm found near the I-5 bridge is likely related to the Adamson case
by: Contributed photo, Douglas Adamson, a 52-year-old Portland resident, was reported missing Sept. 12, and his body has been recovered in pieces over the last week. Portland police are investigating his death as a homicide.

In a pattern that is becoming eerily familiar, a boater on the Columbia River fished a severed arm out of the water Saturday afternoon, the fourth such find in less than a week.

Although the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's Office had yet to complete a forensic examination of the limb Saturday evening, police said the discovery was likely related to the homicide investigation into the death of 52-year-old Douglas Adamson.

"I think it's pretty certain that it's probably related," said Portland Police Bureau spokeswoman Cathe Kent.

Adamson was reported missing Sept. 12 after his pickup truck was found abandoned near the Portland International Airport exit on I-205. Part of his body showed up on Sept. 17, bobbing on the surface of the Columbia River in a black duffel bag.

Boaters and beachcombers have been finding Adamson's arms and legs in the water and on beaches since.

A maintenance worker found a leg on a stretch of beach along the Washington side of the Columbia River early Thursday afternoon, and a Vancouver woman stumbled upon a severed arm on a beach east of Wintler Park during her Wednesday morning stroll.

The arm found Saturday was pulled out of the water about two miles west of the I-5 bridge, Kent said.

Police on Friday determined that the scattered limbs and the remains in the black duffel bag all were Adamson's.

Detectives from the Portland Police Bureau's homicide detail took over the investigation from the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office last week after the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division identified Adamson, a Portland missing person, by a fingerprint taken from the arm found in Vancouver.

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