Bad apples ought to fall far from tree


When a law-enforcement officer's credibility declines to where he or she no longer is trusted to testify in court, the public ought to ask why this person continues to be employed with taxpayer dollars.

As reported in the Portland Tribune on Friday, the Multnomah County district attorney's office refuses to use Portland police officer Joseph Hanousek and county deputy Christopher Green as witnesses.

Green recently became infamous for seeking a flower tattoo on women he pulled over for traffic stops. Hanousek, who has been removed from the streets but not the police bureau, has a longer history, which includes 'being untruthful with investigators,' according to a district attorney memo.

Sheriff Bernie Giusto finally is dealing with Green, by placing him on leave and starting the process of having him decertified as an officer. That's the appropriate action to take with any officer whose conduct has made it impossible to credibly perform his or her sworn duty.