Unions throw wet blanket on reform

In a development that has rankled some City Hall observers, both the Portland Firefighters Association and the Portland Police Association have declined to contribute to the November ballot measure that would reform the city's controversial Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund.

But city Commissioner Randy Leonard's pitch made it a tough decision.

At first, the executive board of the police union pledged $10,000, only to be overruled by the union's separate political action board.

The firefighters, meanwhile, said they wouldn't contribute to the measure itself, but would contribute $2,000 to Leonard's campaign fund, 'to do with what he will,' said PFFA President Jack Finders.

Uncomfortable moments as auditors gather

In case you missed last week's Pacific Northwest Intergovernmental Audit Forum at Portland State University - where more than 100 government auditors gathered to talk shop - Sources Say hears it was a wee bit chilly.

In attendance was outgoing Metro Auditor Alexis Dow, who lost at the polls in May, as well as the woman who defeated her, Suzanne Flynn.

The auditors' group awarded Dow a plaque of appreciation for her years of contribution - but according to one eyewitness, Dow left the room shortly before Flynn was set to give the presentation.

Dow has rebuffed Flynn's efforts to meet and discuss the transition between the two, so Flynn has been attending Metro work sessions and meeting with agency officials on her own.

At press time, Dow could not be reached, while Flynn declined to comment, other than to say, 'It's pretty awkward.'

Metro councilor gets back at the media

Meanwhile, the food is flying at Metro. An article in last Friday's Portland Tribune recounted a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, sponsored by the regional planning agency - and included an account of how Metro Councilor Robert Liberty reallocated a vegetarian sandwich to a reporter against his will.

Midmorning Friday, Liberty poked fun at the reporter's apparent victim complex by sending over yet another vegetarian sandwich with a note saying, 'You MUST eat it.'

Meanwhile, Liberty himself was surprised with a sandwich from staff. 'They told me that I have to eat it,' said Liberty, who said judging by the weight it was packed with 'plutonium cream cheese.'

- Tribune staff

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