Galizio says expand Oregon Prescription Drug Program

On this fall's ballot incumbent Rep. Larry Galizio is being challenged for the House District 35 seat in the Oregon Legislature by Shirley Parsons.
by: Provided by Larry Galizio campaign, Larry Galizio

There are not many issues facing Oregonians, or all Americans, that are more significant than healthcare. With over 45 million people in the United States without healthcare and no substantive federal legislation in sight, we as Oregonians must work toward creative and common sense healthcare policies.

In the short-term, I would encourage people to support Ballot Measure 44 which will expand the Oregon Prescription Drug Program. I supported this legislation in the 2005 Session, but it was blocked by special interests.

I favor an approach to healthcare that involves the private and public sectors working together. We must have a public-private partnership that utilizes the tools of the marketplace, along with the responsibility of government to protect our most vulnerable Oregonians.

This is not currently happening and citizens have little incentive and limited, if any, information concerning the costs of healthcare. It's impossible to "shop" for the best quality for the lowest price when the real costs and quality are hidden from consumers.

Yet, treating healthcare as strictly another commodity fails to recognize that a person's health isn't simply a widget to be bought and sold.

We cannot continue the status quo. Seniors are paying exorbitant amounts for the prescription drugs they need; 650,000 Oregonians have no healthcare insurance and use of the emergency room is their first line of defense; We are failing to offer adequate preventive care for children and families.

Clearly, there is no magic formula that will "solve" the healthcare crisis. As a policymaker, I am fighting for innovative approaches for delivering healthcare. We must utilize technology to better track the use of medications and create systems that significantly reduce medical errors that result in severe injuries or worse.

Government alone cannot "solve" the healthcare crisis in Oregon. We need, patients, healthcare providers, administrators, businesses, legislators, and experts to all work together to fashion workable policies to significantly increase access and affordability of healthcare.

As State Representative I will continue to work to reduce the number of uninsured Oregonians. Working together we can begin to reduce the costs of prescription drugs and of healthcare overall in Oregon.