Believe it or not, General Election time is just around the corner.

King City has four positions on its city council open and five candidates have completed the process to make the ballot.

The City Charter states the four who receive the most votes, will be elected. That means only one of the five who have applied will not serve on the new council.

The new council will have some very important work to do, with an array of old issues, yet to be resolved. But most importantly this council will more than likely select the City Manager's successor, if Jane Turner sticks to her current timeline for retiring.

The most important job of a city council is clearly the selection and evaluation of the city manager, thus voters have an added reason for voting.

After reviewing their records and commitment to council work, it is easy to endorse incumbent councilors Ron Shay and Jim Gates for re-election.

Both councilors Shay and Gates has proven to be hard workers who do their homework prior to attending meetings,

Shay and Gates also have reputations for being problem solvers and constituents indicate they are accessible.

Most importantly we endorse Shay and Gates because they have proven to be team players, which is an essential skill for serving in public office.

Our third endorsement goes to Brenda Wilkinson, who was chosen earlier this year to fill the seat left vacated by the resignation of Nancy Duthie.

Although Wilkinson is just now getting up to speed on her council duties, she has quickly become a team player, while speaking her mind and showcasing her independence.

Wilkinson is well liked in the community and has a clear understanding of the issues facing King City; Electing Wilkinson to a full term would be in the best interests of the city.

That leaves picking between two lesser-known candidates for the fourth and final position. Charles Greenough and David Newham round out the slate.

Newham gets our endorsement, because, although with limited experience, he appears to have an even temperament, and has clearly done his homework on the major issues that the council will face.

We did not get a strong sense of why Greenough was running for council, but he appears to have an 'anti-government' chip on his shoulder, which is not a solid credential for running for public office.

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