Stop attacking council critics


I have a question for all those who are currently holding a position and those who are planning to run for a position in the political agenda: when you first decided to run/re-run for the position, have you not considered putting serving/representing the community as the most important part of your job? If your answer is yes, then please stop counter attacking those who have a different opinion! Which lead me to the following questions: isn't educating the public to respect you part of your job description? And the ultimate way to educate others is to set a good example, right? Please allow me to remind all our 'representatives,' the citizens are not your employees. Therefore, if they misbehaved, you can't discipline them, nor can you terminate them. In the matter of fact, if they feel you're not working on their behalf, they can terminate 'recall' you. It's a lousy deal, indeed. But you choose to take that job, so please be prepared to take the consequences.

I understand it's frustrating that your hard work is not being appreciated, because we are human. Thank God we're just human. Can you imagine if someone actually thinks s/he is 'god?' I can only speak for myself, because I do appreciate those on positions: the council members, the staffs, and the volunteers (I sound like a broken record now, if those who heard me said it before). We do have one common goal, which is to keep our city clean, safe, and livable. The different is that we each have a different opinion on how to achieve that goal. No one has to agree with each other. The question is, can we compromise? Where is the "win-win" negotiation technique we learned in the management/leadership class? Is reality and classroom really that much different? No one is perfect. Who am I to judge? My nature is to stay neutral because my belief is to see all parties working in harmony to build a better city. What is yours?

I read Ed's response in this week Clack. Review. That's a great response, in my opinion: direct and stick with the facts. Finally Ed is not expressing his anger by calling the local politicians names, like liars, evils, etc. If Ms Collette and some of our local politicians can see him (or each other) like I do, the world will be a much better one. He is our walking encyclopedia of Milwaukie, as I think of him, very knowledgeable, passionate and caring to our neighborhood. If you'd like his respect, please consider respecting him first. How about addressing his response with what you understand and state your belief according to what you know. Just keep an open mind is what I request. You'll be surprise, but he is not that hard to communicate.