West Linn needs strong leadership, not the type that results in Wilderness Park and Willamette Cove fiascoes. West Linn needs open, transparent government, not back-room deals and decisions by e-mail.

West Linn needs a greater long-term vision than just a manic obsession with annexation and growth. West Linn needs David Tripp for mayor, with Ken Pryor, Julie O'Connell and myself for city council.

This council has yet to deliver on any of its campaign promises, and in particular the one where they would be less controversial than the previous council. This council campaigned on the promise of protecting the livability of West Linn, yet as soon as they got in, they proceeded on a wild rampage to annex everything within sight.

If annexation was their hidden agenda in the previous campaign, what is their hidden agenda this time? Could it have anything to do with the master water plan they are proposing, which will likely increase water storage capacity, conveniently located near the Stafford Triangle?

Now the council wants to eliminate de novo (Latin for anew) hearings for land-use appeals in favor of straight appeals. This would seriously abridge our right to determine the future of our community. What's next? Selling off our equity rights in South Fork? This council does not deserve to be re-elected; they have violated our trust, as well as their oath of office.

I am running for council because I want to make West Linn better, as opposed to just a bigger community. I am running to protect the Stafford Triangle from inclusion in the UGB. I am running to make growth pay for itself and ensure that it benefits the community.

We couldn't count on the council to protect the seniors in Willamette Cove (who subsequently lost $3.5 million), so how can we count on the council to protect the Stafford Triangle? Was it prudent to go looking for property to annex when we don't even know the city's true financial situation?

I am running because I have a vision of West Linn that is more than just an ever-expanding number of houses and increasing traffic.

I am running because I really do want to protect the livability of West Linn, and ensure that West Linn moves toward greater sustainability. That is why I have been the chair of the League of West Linn Neighborhoods for a year and a half. I also served on the West Linn Sustainability Task Force.

I am running to protect the livability of West Linn and the rights of the citizens who live here now. My vision of West Linn is one where young families can afford to live in West Linn. My vision is one where our resources, both financial and natural, are not squandered.

This council has been an unmitigated abysmal failure. They couldn't bring themselves to adopt the Goal 5 report that has languished on their desks for over 18 months, after more than $300,000 of taxpayer money was invested.

West Linn needs honest, straightforward, and no-nonsense leadership.

West Linn needs David Tripp. I support David Tripp for mayor.

I support Ken Pryor and Julie O'Connell for city council. I urge the voters of West Linn to bring common sense back to local government and put West Linn on a new course by voting for these candidates this November.

Curt Sommer is a citizen of West Linn

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