Scott Bruun is personal, helpful

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to respond to Ernest Delmazzo's propaganda piece (from the Tidings Sept 21) accusing our representative, Scott Bruun, of being 'missing in action' and 'out of touch with constituents.'

This opinion is exactly the opposite of my personal experience with Mr. Bruun.

During August this year, I contacted him to request his investigation of a personal matter concerning a possible legal misinterpretation of an Oregon Statute. I had never contacted him before, and he knew neither me, nor my political affiliation.

He responded to my email within two hours, saying that he would look into the matter, and requested more details. Within 3 weeks I was sitting in his office discussing the matter and its resolution.

Having met Mr. Bruun, a few days later I encountered him at the local hairdresser in West Linn, and shortly after that I bumped into him outside a restaurant on Macadam.

My husband and I laughed and commented that he seems to be everywhere we turn. He is personable, helpful and very intelligent. In a timely manner, he followed up on the matter I had brought to him and showed that he had properly investigated it as far as was appropriate.

I hope he goes far politically.

Margaret Groves

West Linn

Pay attention to Urban Growth Management Areas

To the Editor:

Committees created by Metro, Clackamas County and Lake Oswego are considering projects for urban renewal and public infrastructure that will affect the following Urban Growth Management Areas (UGMA) and adjoining territories:

n Lake Oswego UGMA (Lake Oswego School District)

n West Linn UGMA

n SW Portland, Multnomah County (Dunthorpe)

n Stafford-Tualatin areas (Hamlet and CPO)

Many attributes of your life and community will be affected by these projects and the substantial sums of money required to move them from vision to reality.

Individuals, elected officials and candidates for various levels of public office need to be aware of these projects.

Project locations, beneficiaries and cost estimates (are) required to bring the vision into reality. I hope your perspective will be from the individual, and the neighborhood.

The Yahoo! group sites below will provide you with document downloads in Adobe.pdf file format along with links to various related Web sites. Download access requires a free Yahoo e-mail account. The sites include: and

Share what you find with others.Formulate questions for officials and candidates. Get answers to your satisfaction in a timely manner.

Please note these sites are evolving as content is added. Feel free to leave a comment.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby

Clackamas County resident

of the Birdshill area

Who owns the right of way is the key issue

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your coverage of a complaint to the Federal Transit Authority by Charles 'Skip' Ormsby. The last sentence of this coverage stated that his previous complaint to the FTA was dismissed. This complaint also has no basis.

Mr. Ormsby identifies himself as the 'chair of the Birdshill CPO (reforming).' This CPO does not currently exist.

His complaint is based on a comment made by Councilor Newman at a public meeting about comments made at a prior public meeting. Your reporter missed the essence of why other cities are not represented at the committee level.

The members of the steering committee are representative of the consortium that owns the right of way: These being the city of Lake Oswego, Multnomah County, Clackamas County, city of Portland, Tri-Met, Oregon Department of Transportation and Metro.

If this line were planned to go to Milwaukie or West Linn, they would certainly be included. West Linn's interest is that they would have to transfer onto the Streetcar. That may be true, but since we haven't finished the alternatives analysis and don't even know if it will be a streetcar, this concern is not currently germane to the process.

We would not, however, even have started this process had the public not already owned the right of way that was being maintained as a future rail use.

Metro is currently conducting a process that follows the FTA guidelines and includes a wide variety of interests and stakeholders. It is an open process with no collusion, no secret pacts, no triumvirate. I was correctly quoted as stating the complaint was 'ridiculous.'

Judie Hammerstad

Mayor of Lake Oswego

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