Clackamas DA fails to find enough evidence for case against 'elmersoldstuff'

No criminal charges will be filed against Elmer Manuel Dickens Jr., the Washington County lawyer investigated by the Hillsboro Police Department for theft of laptops belonging to Intel Corp.

Greg Horner, a lawyer with the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office, which handled the case, said Friday that there was not enough evidence to prosecute Dickens.

'It was a complex case,' Horner said.

Dickens, 41, is a senior assistant Washington County counsel who oversees legal work for the county sheriff's office and the county's district attorney's office. He has been employed with the county since 1999.

In December, a search warrant affidavit named Dickens and his wife, Tami, an Intel Corp. employee at the time, saying they were suspected of selling laptops belonging to Intel on the eBay auction Web site.

Two computers, bought in May and August 2005 by an internal security investigator for Intel from 'elmersoldstuff' - Dickens' screen name - were reported missing from the company years earlier.

Intel Oregon spokesman Bill MacKenzie said the company was satisfied with the case's outcome.

'Our feeling was to leave it up to the justice system to make the right decision,' MacKenzie said.

An Oregon State Bar complaint against Dickens, also filed by Intel, is still pending. It alleges that Dickens violated the Oregon Rule of Professional Conduct by 'committing a criminal act.'

Karla Houtary, spokesperson for the state bar, said the organization was still in the process of gathering information and is awaiting the results of the investigation by the Hillsboro Police Department and Clackamas County District Attorney's Office.

Dickens did not return phone messages for comment.

His supervisor, Dan Olsen, also did not comment on the decision this week.

Dickens continued to work for Olsen without sanction during the criminal investigation.

Dickens' wife, Tami, 38, was an information services business analyst at Intel. She left the job March 8, about a week after the company filed its state bar complaint against her husband.

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