Letters to Editor for Sept. 28

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Bailey is strong community advocate

For over 13 years, I have worked as Beaverton's chief of police to protect and serve our community. I have known Charlie Bailey for many years and know firsthand his work as a deputy district attorney. He understands that officers, victims, and the public deserve a fair and principled justice system. He is a strong advocate for our community.

Charlie has the integrity and commitment to justice deserving of your support. His work and promotion of multidisciplinary trainings in domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse reflects his dedication to justice for victims of crime and the improvement of life for children and families.

Judges must enforce the law to protect children, strengthen families, and hold offenders accountable, while ensuring an appropriate and responsible legal outcome. I have every confidence Charlie Bailey will be an excellent judge. I urge you to join me in electing Charlie Bailey.


Beaverton chief of police

Commissioners speak to Glenn shooting

We are all saddened by the death of Lukus Glenn and our hearts go out to his family. We are also respectful of the difficult decisions law enforcement officers from all agencies must make every day to ensure our safety.

As readers may know, an investigation about the Metzger shooting is under way by the district attorney's office and the Washington County Major Crimes Team. Highly experienced detectives from a half-dozen law enforcement agencies in Washington County, under the leadership of the Washington County district attorney, are thoroughly gathering and analyzing all available information about this tragic incident.

Like everyone else concerned about the loss of a life and the impact of such an incident on the family of the young man as well as the deputies and their families, we must await the results of the district attorney's review. The district attorney's function is limited to determining whether any criminal charges are warranted as a result of anyone's conduct in connection with this incident and whether to present the case to a grand jury.

The sheriff and his staff also carefully review every incident involving the use of force by deputies. They examine whether existing policies are followed; they will determine whether policy changes are needed and work to ensure that deputies have access to all the resources and equipment needed to successfully resolve such incidents without resorting to deadly force if possible. Through this effort, they will also identify lessons learned that can be included in the regular use-of-force training received by all deputies.

Please join us in patiently waiting for the time necessary to obtain the results of these thorough and impartial investigations.

TOM BRIAN, chairman, Board of County Commissioners and commissioners DICK SCHOUTEN, JOHN LEEPER, ROY ROGERS and ANDY DUYCK

Negative campaign can't change mind

Unfortunately, it seems that negative campaigning has already begun.

Last week, I received a call from an individual who identified himself as a volunteer for Joan Draper's campaign. The caller had one positive thing to say about his candidate and then went on to his negative script about her opponent for the Oregon House of Representatives, Suzanne Bonamici. The caller then hung up before giving me a chance to ask questions and even get an idea of any qualifications his candidate might have.

Fortunately, I know Suzanne Bonamici. She is smart and experienced. She cares about public schools and has promised to work hard to lower health care costs and fight identity theft. Suzanne Bonamici has demonstrated to me that she has the right stuff to be our representative in Salem. I intend to vote for Suzanne Bonamici for House District 34 and no amount of mud slinging will change that.