October means it's time for the Oinion Festival.

The Onion Festival started as a way to celebrate the end of the growing season and the onion fields that were an important part of the history of the little town of Smockville. A harvest festival of fun, great food, entertainment and lots of craft booths to help you start your Christmas shopping. It's a big backyard barbecue for all your friends and neighbors. Be sure and come!

Bond measures are coming up for the school, public safety and the Washington County library system. These are issues you take into account when you consider what kind of community you want to live in. You can spend a lot on cosmetic improvements to your home, but if you don't make sure that it is safe to live in, or big enough for your growing family, it will cost you more in the long run.

Now that the real estate market is slowing down, perhaps the city will have more luck in attracting a small, specialty market to the cannery site. We can't really afford to keep building more housing, and not provide new occupants with more service-oriented businesses to keep them from jumping in their cars to go shop or eat. Traffic in Old Town is bad now, think what it would be like with hundreds more people living at the cannery and trying to get out of town two or three times a day. I would love to see us develop our Cannery Row with shops and small restaurants to attract visitors and serve our own community. A central plaza with room for special events woulc provide another place for people to gather and enjoy Sherwood.

I am still very concerned with the lack of a stop sign in front of the music studio on Main and Railroad. I have watched from my store next door, and noticed that most people come down Main and across the tracks without checking for cross traffic or pedestrians. Most of us are used to having a four-way stop there and are still trying to get used to the change. The children are the ones I worry about the most. Traffic coming north on Main does not have the same problem because they can see clearly in all directions, but those coming south have a blind corner by the studio, especially if cars are parked close to the entrance.

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