Despite larger than projected student populations throughout the district, Sherwood School District administrators reported a successful first week of school. Superintendent Dan Jamison reported that the district added an estimated 300 students compared to this time last year. As of Sept. 13, district schools had 4,104 students.

The following are projected and actual numbers of students at district schools along with comments from their respective principals:

Archer Glen: Projected: 703; Actual: 726. The school had 702 students at this time last year. "We felt like it was a pretty successful beginning," Principal Pete Miller said.

Hopkins: Projected: 677; Actual: 685. The school has added five new teachers. "It's always fun to see the new kids," said Principal Nanci Sheeran. Kindergarten through second-graders had 24 students per classroom with the upper grades reporting 27 to 29 per classroom.

Middleton: Projected: 655; Actual: 677. Principal Sandy Brookshaw said the first week went smoothly

"By 8:15 the first day of school everyone was engaged in learning," she said. While past kindergarten classes had more students in the morning, this year began differently with Brookshaw reporting 28 students in the afternoon classes and 16 to 17 in the morning. The numbers changed quickly after it was determined that students would attend morning or afternoon classes based on a drawing, which divided the two groups based on street addresses.

Sherwood Middle School: Projected: 934; Actual: 958. Principal Anna Pittioni said there were 15 new staff members including a new vice principal. The school also was able to get one extra hour of help after school for the homework club where a teacher is available to help students or answer their questions.

Sherwood High School: Projected: 1028; Actual: 1,056. Principal Michelle DeBoard said the school opened with one of its best pep assemblies ever. Meanwhile, signs have been ordered to remind students that a 10 mph speed limit will be enforced on campus. DeBoard said the upcoming enforcement was to be highlighted in the school's newsletter and during back-to-school night.

MITCH Charter School: Projected: 75; Actual: 81. Principal Fred Puhl reported that the school almost doubled its original enrollment figures with 44 students attending classes at the school last year. The new numbers include 22 kindergarteners, 22 first-graders, 20 second-graders and 17 third-graders.

"We're just about full at the church," said Puhl.

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