For Art's Sake

I had the opportunity to distribute posters for the Antique and Arts Festival today. Thank you to the businesses who so willingly support community events by allowing our posters to be displayed in your business. I wasn't particularly excited to do this job. I get nervous about bothering people, and I had a ton of housework that can always use my attention, but it had to be done…and I'm so glad I did it.

As I pedaled my way around Sherwood, I was thinking to myself, "How did I end up doing this? I have a degree in accounting. I worked for 10 years as a bank manager. I've worked as a professional singer and actress…how did I get here-being a poster delivery person for free!?" But as I began to speak with the business owners my attitude greatly improved and then as I saw the growth and changes within the Sherwood community since we moved here in 1996 and had some time to reflect, I was grateful. I loved riding around the new development on the corner of 99W and Roy Rogers Road. With the Wild Life Refuge directly behind this growing business and residential area I can see great things happening.

One of our business friends of the arts in Sherwood is there, Desirant Day Spa and Salon. Last summer Desirant had a booth at the Robin Hood Festival and donated all of their profits from their mini-massages and manicures to the Voices for the Performing Arts Foundation. I took a minute to express my gratitude for that generous gift and I was introduced to Dawn Lowry who was responsible for making that happen. As Dawn and I spoke, I was truly impressed by her sense of community spirit and her commitment to the Arts. She mentioned she'd been the recipient of an art scholarship and wanted her children to have the same opportunities that had benefited her life.

After distributing the remainder of my posters, I road over to pick up my son at Let's Make Music and wandered down to the Mosaic Arts Loft. I have loved having the accessibility of music lessons and preschool in Old Town, but now having such a glorious art studio right next door in a building that so fits its environment and adds to the charm of Old Town is really exciting. At our last Cultural Arts Commission meeting, the owner of the Mosaic Arts Loft, Ann Brucker, gave us valuable insights into putting together an arts directory and calendar for the community as well as some suggestions about possible events.

As I pondered how my day had gone and all I'd seen, I just felt like it was all coming together. Not all of the development in Sherwood is exactly as any of us had imagined, but the opportunities growth and development have created are so wonderful. The Sherwood Dance Academy is offering even more variety in their classes for all ages-offering a belly dancing class, adult tap, and adult ballet. The Let's Make Music studio has opened a second location with five more studios offering instrument-including harp, voice, and dramatic instruction. A visitor to our September meeting was Gilbert Lozano, a sculptor who recently moved to Sherwood. He very generously offered to demonstrate his craft at our Antique and Arts Festival.

So at the end of my day I came back to my original question, "How did I get here-poster delivery person?" I came to serve as a volunteer in our community for the arts because like all of those individuals I've mentioned above I have been influenced for good by the arts and something in me drives me to make those same opportunities available now to others. It is a passion in me that I don't fully understand but today as I thought of my experience being a poster delivery person I realized that my today was directly tied to my yesterday when I lost my grandmother.

Eighty-six is a wonderful age to attain, but it wasn't long enough for us. My grandmother was more than just an extraordinary woman; she was the matriarch of music and art in our family. At the age of 17 she was offered a full scholarship to the Colorado College for Women. She played five instruments and had a brilliant mind. Her father passed away shortly after her high school graduation so she was unable to pursue her college education, but she never stopped learning and loving music and art.

One of my first memories of her home was the sketch my mother had done in high school art class proudly framed and displayed in my grandmother's home for more than 40 years. My grandmother made me practice the piano every summer I spent with her and I'm truly not a credit to her efforts, but my children are and she reveled in them. Many harp, piano, saxophone, and flute concerts have been held over the telephone the last 10 years. She gave piano lessons in her home for more than 60 years, and I'm pretty sure she didn't charge for most of them. I'm sure that all of the wonderful artists and supporters of art in Sherwood had someone just like my grandmother. To honor them may we never get frustrated or impatient with our setbacks and continue to find the energy to do the stuff that's not so fun and all the while remember why we're doing what we find ourselves doing. In the end, it really is For Arts Sake.

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