Minnis, Brading draw outside donors

Few dollars in District 49 race are from East County

House District 49 Rep. Karen Minnis, R-Wood Village, and her Democrat opponent Rob Brading may be raising big campaign bucks, but few of those dollars are from East Multnomah County.

According to the latest contribution and expenditure reports from June through Sept. 21, Minnis has raised $431,546.54 during that reporting period, compared to Brading's $154,730 for the same period.

Of 131 contributors listed in the latest filing, only 11 were from East County businesses or local residents. Those contributors include: Christian Copyright Licensing International of Gresham, $25,000; Brandace Berger-Bruning of Gresham, $19,980; Sandy resident Dennis Wade, $10,000; Townsend Farms of Fairview, $1,500; Five Star Storage Co. of Fairview, $1,500; Dirt and Aggregate Interchange Inc. of Fairview, $1,500; Realtor Hiroshi Morihara of Gresham, $1,000; F and M Morton Co. of Gresham, $2,000; Lila Leathers-Fitz, Gresham president of Leather's Petroleum, $240; East Hill Church pastor Raymond Young, $200; Kohler Properties of Gresham, $180; and Gresham resident Dwight D. Unti, $150.

Other contributors hailed from as far as Massachusetts and represent special interests such as the tobacco industry and the National Rifle Association. Industrial and professional backing ranges from grocers to engineers.

Her largest contribution of $75,000 is from the Republican State Leadership Committee. Nike President Philip H. Knight and his company also contributed $12,500.

She also lists $1,995 worth of miscellaneous contributions of $100 or less.

Of the 147 contributors listed in Brading's latest filing, only 10 have ties to East County or eastside cities.

They include: James Groce of Troutdale, $500; Insurance Management Inc. of East County, $250; Dorothy Dinneen of Gresham, $250; Gary Reynolds of Gresham, $200; Dan McCreath of Gresham, $200; Judy Stebbins of Troutdale, $150; John Vandermosten of Gresham, $150; Philip Lang of Fairview, $150; Lois Jenness of Gresham, $149; and Annette Ripplinger of Gresham, $125.

However, miscellaneous contributions of $100 or less make up $27,854 worth of his contributions.

Other contributions came from as far as New York representing everything from social workers to farmers.

Brading's largest contribution for the filing period was $32,886 from Future PAC Oregon House Democrats for a total of $55,224 in cash and in-kind contributions. Other generous donors included Citizen Action for Public Education, totaling $11,542 worth of in-kind contributions; and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, $5,367 worth of in-kind contributions.

Challenger outpaces mayor in fund-raising

Gresham mayoral hopeful Shane Bemis has raised almost seven times more money than incumbent Mayor Charles Becker, according to the latest statements of contributions and expenditures filed Monday, Oct. 2.

Bemis has raised $12,636.84 from June through Sept. 21, while Becker has raised $1,831.45 during the same period.

Of those totals, Bemis has spent $9,825.16, with Becker spending just $831.45.

Bemis lists 26 individual contributors, some of whom include Pacific Lifestyle Holdings Inc. of Vancouver, $3,500; Oregonians for Affordable Housing of Salem, $1,500; Cascade Athletic Club of Gresham, $500; volunteer Roger McDowell of Gresham, $500; Stamp Connection of Gresham, $500; former city councilor Jack Horner of Gresham, $348.40 in cash and in-kind donations; Katherine Everett, executive director of the Gresham Downtown Development Association, $335.54 in cash and in-kind donations; Widmark for City Council (Note: Councilor David Widmark is not running for re-election), $300; fellow councilor Karylinn Echols of Gresham, $250; fellow councilor Jacquenette McIntire of Gresham, $200; Kohler Properties of Gresham, $200; and former mayor Gussie McRobert of Gresham, $150 worth of in-kind contribution.

He also has collected $1,050 worth of miscellaneous contributions of $100 or less.

Of Becker's four individual contributors, Geoff Thompson, owner of The Viewpoint Inn in Corbett, donated $531 worth of signs; volunteer Dennis Anderson of Gresham, $200; Richard Anderson of Fairview, $100.45 worth of in-kind donations; and Alpha Community Development of Portland, $350.