by: Rita A. Leonard, Melanie Anglin opened “Metro Retro” on S.E Tacoma Street in Sellwood to offer a new slant on old things, on Antique Row.

At a time when some antique stores have been closing, a store featuring a new idea in old things has made its appearance on Sellwood's 'Antique Row'.

Melanie Anglin, owner of 'Metro Retro', explains that she has been fascinated with vintage items since she was a teen. 'My mother-in-law did vintage clothing shows in Arizona, and I helped her open a similar store in North Hollywood in 1997,' says Anglin. 'When we moved to Oregon, I had a few small vintage outlets in antique malls, but I finally opened my own store, here in Sellwood, on April 1st.'

Metro Retro, located at 1405 S.E. Tacoma Street, is a vintage emporium that features men's and women's clothing, jewelry, shoes, jackets, lingerie, eyeglasses and other items from years past. The flamingo pink and turquoise sign out front welcomes shoppers Wednesday through Sunday from noon till 6 pm.

'I have a large selection of rayon dresses from the '40's, and even some Victorian items,' says Anglin, pointing to racks of clothes placed near the entrance. 'I carry formal gowns, hats, purses, and ties, and I'm expanding my section of vintage wedding gowns.'

The shop is divided between two rooms, one containing mostly clothing, and the other including housewares, knickknacks, games and furniture. 'I have a large selection of vintage textiles and yarns, and some wonderful sheets from the '60's and '70's,' says Anglin. 'There's even some clothing from movie sets, both locally and from California.'

Collections of poodles and saltshakers are for sale, as well as items with mushroom motifs, Charles Schultz's 'Snoopy', and hippos. 'I even have several vintage lamps and some books,' adds Anglin, pausing to consider where to display more stock. This writer found a journey through Metro Retro is like a trip back to the Good Old Days. Come in to browse and reminisce through over 800 square feet packed with vintage treasures. If you have questions, call 503/788-9166.

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