Lake Oswego residents can offer testimony Monday on a plan that sets the pace for future redevelopment in Lake Grove.

The Lake Grove Village Center Plan, its final version now in the hands of the Lake Oswego Planning Commission, targets the stretch of Boones Ferry Road between Kruse Way and Madrona Street.

Lake Oswego residents are being asked to comment on the plan at a hearing before the planning commission Monday at 6 p.m. at city hall, 380 A Ave.

The commission plans testimony from organized groups first and will continue taking testimony through several of its regular meetings, set for Monday, Oct. 23 and Nov. 13 and 27 at 6 p.m., also at city hall.

Those testifying are being asked to comment on a plan that sets redevelopment guidelines for Lake Grove and also calls for public investment in a road redesign.

As it stands, the Lake Grove Village Center Plan calls for a 10-foot median along Boones Ferry Road, added traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalks, plus nine feet of sidewalks and five feet of bike lanes on either side of the four-lane road. The plan also structures height for buildings along the corridor, setting limits at a 45-foot maximum along Boones Ferry Road and sloping that height standard downward in a transitional zone that abuts neighborhoods.

The overall design of the plan is centered on a number of public squares along Boones Ferry Road. It offers incentives to businesses that add public plazas and build green and also requires residential development along Boones Ferry to top or back retail stores along the road.

Properties in the plan area would not be required to make immediate changes. Instead, design standards only apply to new construction whenever major projects - projects valued at 50 percent or more of the property's assessed value - take place.

Dan Vizzini, chair of the planning commision, said the commission would take testimony from organized groups first 'in the hope of encouraging groups to testify and in effect consolidate the testimony that would otherwise be heard from dozens and dozens of individuals.'

Written testimony will also be taken on the Lake Grove Village Center Plan. In the works since 1999, the plan has been in the hands of a city committee for nearly three years. The group worked steadily to balance business and neighborhood interests in the Boones Ferry corridor while crafting the plan.

Vizzini said testimony is expected on some controversial elements of the plan, including building height, financing, the center median proposed on Boones Ferry Road and a call to study its economic impacts.

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