Legislator sets the record straight


The level of vitriol and misinformation oozing from Ernest Delmazzo's 'My Turn' piece was amazing. Among other things, he accuses me as 'out of touch with constituents.' Well, Delmazzo is entitled to his own opinions but he is not entitled to his own facts.

First, he attacks me for introducing 'only' five bills last session. How many would he have me introduce? Fifty? Five-hundred? The fact is I sponsored or co-sponsored more than 60 bills last session. More than some legislators, less than others. My goal was not to pass new laws for their own sake. Rather, it was to promote good legislation that's right for Oregon. Often, what's right for Oregon also means repealing damaging laws.

Delmazzo says that I'm 'missing in action in our community' and implies that I spend too much time attending to my other job. Well, there's no question that I have a day job. Like most people in our district, I work 8-to-5 to pay the mortgage and save for my children's college education. During the regular legislative session, I do this 'mortgage-paying' work at nights and on the weekends. I never short-change legislative business. Delmazzo has selectively forgotten that Oregon has a citizen, not a professional Legislature.

He also says he does not see me at local events. Well, I attend numerous local events and I also represent our area at events outside the district. And I have to say that I never see Delmazzo at any of these events. However it's true, I do not attend events every night. Sometimes, shockingly, I'll come home from work and actually do yardwork, or exercise, or read to my children.

Delmazzo calls me a 'carpet-bagger' who moved to West Linn for politics. Please! My family moved to West Linn in 2001. We moved here because of West Linn's outstanding public schools and strong community; a place where we wanted to raise our children. This was long before I or anybody had any idea that Randy Miller was retiring. Further, I've lived in Clackamas County since graduating from college and I am a fifth generation Oregonian.

He also attacks me for sending out a mailing which he called 'campaign literature.' In fact, this piece was an informative newsletter which asked people to reply back with their thoughts on priorities for state government. Delmazzo is attacking me here for communicating with constituents immediately after criticizing me for not communicating with constituents. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Nevertheless, I'm happy to say that response to the newsletter has been strong. I would also note that it was not paid for at taxpayer expense.

The bottom-line is I am proud of my service. I worked diligently on behalf of veterans, seniors, the mentally ill, a transportation package, tax and regulatory reform and our fight against meth. I am a public servant who is also a family man and a working employee. Contrary to Delmazzo's slavish, partisan vitriol, I believe this puts me firmly 'in touch' with our district.

Rep. Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) represents Oregon District 37 in the state Legislature, which includes West Linn, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Rivergrove, Stafford and Durham.