Letters to the editor for Aug. 3


Paper's editorial biased toward Walmart

The recent editorial in The Outlook regarding Walmart was so biased in favor of Walmart that I wonder if it was written by a Walmart representative.

I believe the only reason neighbors have not protested this scaled down version of Walmart is that they are fighting to keep their own house in order.

The economy has sunk to such a new low, from corporate greed, and yes, from companies like Walmart, who love to pay low wages, discriminate against women and play games to not have to pay health insurance.

We should be thrilled that Walmart is hovering over us like a vulture waiting for its prey? I think not.

If the Walmart does get in, I hope my neighbors will do what the last sentence of the editorial suggests, take your business somewhere else. I personally, prefer the weeds.

Sherry Anderson


Market will continue to be part of community

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Corbett community for all its support and patronage to the Corbett Country Market during the past 13 years.

My decision to retire was with one condition, that the market retains its reputation for being at the core of the community and to find owners who would have the energy and inspiration to continue that vision. I am proud to say that the new owners of the Corbett Country Market, Patrick and Amie Oldright, are exactly that - they reside in the Corbett community and have registered their son for kindergarten in the Corbett School District this fall.

While the sale of the market may have come as a surprise to some, it should not be something to speculate about - for my friends and family, it was something that was well thought out. The Corbett Country Market was a tremendous part of my life here in Corbett and will hold many endearing memories in my thoughts. I hope that Patrick and Amie enjoy the same gratification and prosper in the years to come.

I ask that all of you welcome them with an open mind and show your support - and by doing so, will have the satisfaction of knowing that the Corbett Country Market proudly retained its home in the heart of the Corbett community.

Susan Larsen Leigh


Thanks to Gresham for everyone's help

Thank you Tana, Jenn, Afton, Bridgette (and Andrea) and Downtown Gresham.

In March, I was diagnosed with cancer - leading to two surgeries and a long recovery. From the beginning, the incredible women in my world, co-workers and friends said, 'How can we help?'

They were always ready with hugs, Kleenex and chocolate! And a raffle to raise money to help with all the bills and loss of income. I am so grateful to them and overwhelmed by the generosity of the downtown Gresham businesses and patrons who helped them help me.

(A special thank you to Stamp Connection - John for his generosity and Serene for 'never letting anyone cry alone' and to the Historic Downtown Gresham Business Association and Andrea for their generous donations.) Many others gave also - in cards, prayers, time and treatments.

My thanks to all - my gratitude forever.

Catherine M. Hale

Hale Chiropractic


Raffle funds helped cancer patient

We'd like to thank everyone who supported the fundraiser for Catherine Hale, D.C. Our raffle raised more than $3,000 to help with her medical expenses and lost income while battling cancer. Catherine is so grateful, and said this 'makes all the difference' in facing all the bills, after missing two months of work. Happily, Catherine's surgeries went well, and she is now cancer free! She will not need any chemo or radiation and is starting to see patients again. We are so happy to have her back in the office.

The lucky winner of 12 hours of massage was John Harrold, with a ticket purchased at LA Clark's Barber Shop.

Thanks to everybody who purchased raffle tickets, and to the following businesses and individuals who helped sell them: Clark's, Jazzy Bagels, Bella Cupcakes, Silk Espresso, NW Creations and Collectibles, Hoodview Chiropractic, Gail Turpening, Nadine Dody, and Merri Christiansen (Garden Healers). Special thanks to our friends at Stamp Connection, who not only sold tickets, but also produced beautiful color signs to advertise the raffle. Thanks also to the many downtown businesses who posted these signs for their employees and customers to see.

We were able to accept checks thanks to Wells Fargo Bank helping us establish an account for this purpose. Thanks also to The Gresham Outlook its article about the raffle, and the Parmenters at Elegantly Funky for getting a notice about it into the Historic Downtown Gresham Business Association Newsletter. And finally, a big thank you to the HDGBA for its generous donation to a fellow downtown businesswoman in need, in response to that notice in their newsletter.

We are so grateful to everyone, and feel lucky to be part of this great community. Thanks Gresham!

Jennifer Boom, Tana Cahill, Afton Kendell, Andrea Watson and Bridgette Wilkison