by: Jim Hart Scott (holding large pipe wrench) and Jennifer Horsfall, owners and operators of Living Water Plumbing, have been chosen as Sandy’s home-based business of the year. The award will be presented at noon Wednesday, Aug. 10, by the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.

Perhaps it is a personal code of ethics that has made Scott and Jennifer Horsfall's business successful.

There is no storefront for their business, Living Water Plumbing, but residents of the Sandy area who know the home-based business exists would recommend it to anyone.

That's one reason why a committee of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce recently selected Living Water Plumbing as the 2011 best home-based business.

The business will be formally recognized at noon Wednesday, Aug. 10, at a chamber luncheon in Meinig Park.

The Horsfalls don't talk about customer service; they don't even say those words. They treat everyone who comes to them like family members, so no one would even think twice if they needed plumbing services again. They'd immediately call Scott or Jennifer.

This business is set apart because of the Horsfall's level of commitment to their clients and their willingness to share their talents with the community.

The latter sharing is in the form of breaks for low-income families, assistance for local churches, leadership and sponsorship for Scouting activities and family cleanup of the Sandy River and public areas on Mount Hood.

But people notice their code of ethics more than the way they quietly support the community.

To the Horsfalls, 'treating people like family' is not a cliché. It's a Christian responsibility they take seriously.

Scott says anyone who comes to him with any plumbing problem is immediately his friend, and he does everything he can to give the best value.

The Horsfalls are invested in the community. Jennifer has lived her entire life here, graduating from Sandy High School and learning how to conduct business affairs through instruction from her father, Andy Martin. In the Living Water Plumbing office, she is assisted by Taeler Butel.

Scott, who does the physical work and supervises up to five part-time employees, has been in construction all his life. His apprentice is Forest Hoyt.

In 1996, Horsfall started working in plumbing while going through the five years of education it takes to become a journeyman plumber. He said only one in five of those who started the rigorous program graduated.

He finished near the top of his class in 2001, and began working for other plumbers.

By 2004, he was motivated to begin his own business, investing some of his retirement capital into the tools required to begin the business.

Guided by conservative business management strategies that Jennifer had learned from her father, she helped bring the business through those crucial early years.

They were solidly opposed to taking on any debt.

Absolutely none.

They re-invested their earnings in the business, and the business continued to grow. Today they serve people all over the state and beyond with three vehicles. Scott says he has had clients in northern Washington, Alaska, central California and around the state as far as Roseburg and Bend. But he mainly serves the area between Troutdale and Mount Hood.

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce is recognizing Living Water Plumbing because of its sound business principles as well as the way it cares about people and the community.

For more information on Living Water Plumbing, call 503-668-0699 or visit

To attend the Aug. 10 luncheon, call 503-668-4006.

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