Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Professor failed to do homework in calling for Walden recall

I have to take exception to Professor Emeritus Russ Dondero's recent article about the debt ceiling.

Political science, I always thought, was founded on a scientific approach to a social science. That implies applying some rational methodology to any given problem.

In this case, the only strategy I saw was if your opponent does not agree with you, to get out the big hammer and start a recall. There was no evidence that Dondero has made any attempt to see the other viewpoint. He offers no meaningful solutions that would break a political deadlock. I found the piece rampant with inflammatory words like 'ploy' and 'thigh deep in smarmy strategy.'

Is this the new 'political science' to rid diverse thinking? Dondero wants to project our local recalls to the big stage. He wants to initiate a recall on a U.S. Congressman not even of our own district.

Dondero claims it is not 'quite clear whether we can recall a U.S. Congressman.' If he doesn't know (and he should), it is quite clear the censoring and removal from office of Representatives and Senators at the Federal level is reserved for the ethics committees of both House and Senate. Simple Internet research reveals that states are not allowed in recall efforts of Federal elected officials.

Dondero's cavalier attitude about this is to say 'so what?' It will be tested in the courts, he says. Well, guess what? It has been tested in the courts (to the Supreme Court). It would be a futile, exceedingly expensive and a needless effort to pursue that course again. Legality aside, what would be the basis for a recall?

Congressman Greg Walden (Oregon's 2nd District Representative to the U.S. House) wants to cut spending and bring the Federal budget under control. It is a spending issue, hardly a recall issue.

How do you think eastern Oregon feels about the valley dictating what they should do politically? Note that Congressman Greg Walden garnered 69 percent of the vote in 2008 and 73 percent of the vote in 2010. These are landslide numbers. Think how well a recall effort initiated here would go over with our eastern Oregon neighbors.

As an example of a more cooperative political tone, the Oregon legislature, by all accounts, had a decent session where respect for the other side produced better results than normal. Pitting eastern Oregon against the Portland Metro is not helpful in any way. It is divisive at best. This article was riddled with threats and scare tactics ('cut and gut social security and Medicare - reducing U.S. Treasury to junk-bond status').

I think restructuring and prioritizing spending has a better connotation. Of course, if we can just get rid of the opposition party by recalling the scoundrels, we could have it all one way. We make our choices in elections and if we do not like the results, wait another two, four or six years and vote again.

Russ Dondero is entitled to his opinions, as we all are. I wish he had phrased his stance with a more positive approach. No one likes to be threatened. During his tenure at Pacific University, I hope he encouraged diverse thinking in his classroom by promoting the free expression of all political points of view and a reasoned approach to resolving political differences.

James R. Shores

Forest Grove

Incumbent school board member makes strong case against recall

After re-reading Fred Marble's guest column printed last week in the News-Times, I concur with his advice - 'School district needs healing, not turmoil.'

Marble has convinced me that Anna Tavera-Weller and Terry Howell should not be recalled.

He has worked with them intensely, knows the constraints the district was working under in developing a budget, and with them openly debated and listened to arguments for budget reductions that would have a negative impact on most everyone, but yet maintain a solid core curriculum.

During that process and with some disagreements, Marble still has very high regard for Tavera-Weller and Howell and sees a need to have their experience as contract negotiations begin.

I do not support a recall effort.

Dale Feik

Forest Grove

Paper owes Wu challenger an apology

The News-Times commentary of July 27 was interesting: you neglected to mention your support of David Wu in his race against Rob Cornilles last fall.

Wouldn't it be appropriate for you to print an apology to Mr. Cornilles?

Harold Hutchison

Forest Grove