Topics of series will include sexy singles and warfare of sexuality
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Sex. It's everywhere - in advertisements, on your favorite sitcom, and now, even in your church.

Many churches shy away from the topic because it's too racy or somehow inappropriate to discuss, but Ted Roberts, the lead pastor at East Hill Church believes Christians should talk about sexuality.

'Our sexuality defines some of the deepest essence of who we are,' Roberts said. 'When church folks are either ashamed or can't talk about their sexuality, a large part of who they are is basically buried - it's not growing.'

Roberts leads a short series on positive sexuality each year, but wanted to take some extra time for a more extensive discussion on the topic this fall.

He and his wife, Diane, who is also a pastor at East Hill, will lead a series of teachings entitled 'Sexy Christians' each Wednesday this month.

'Our world is definitely talking about sexuality and so should the church,' Roberts said. 'This is something the younger generation is really looking for, but they are getting very few answers.

Roberts said the PG-13-rated series will include open discussions about a variety of topics, but should be fine for high school students.

Roberts led the first session in the series this week. Upcoming topics will include passion in long-term relationships, sexy singles and the warfare of sexuality.

To some people, the warfare of sexuality may seem like a strange idea, but when husband and wife come together in a covenant relationship, the most sacred place is the bedroom, Roberts said. The spiritual enemy hates this closeness, and will attack couples there, he said.

Roberts also will address how individuals can add purity, passion and purpose to their love life whether they are single or married.

'Real purity is only possible when there is passion,' he said. 'You have to be passionate about … someone so much that you respond only to that person.'

Some studies show that the most sexually satisfied individuals are people that are married and have a strong faith, Roberts said, adding that his teachings on 'Sexy Christians' will explore why that is true, and how believers can become stronger Christians.

'There won't be homework but home play assignments,' Roberts said.

Among the many ministries they offer, East Hill's leaders also provide counseling for people with sexual addictions, and offer classes on how to break free of unhealthy relationships, so it is nice to be able to discuss human sexuality in a positive environment, Roberts said.

'Christians were not called by God to suck lemons and be miserable,' he said.

Everyone - single, committed or married - is welcome to attend the Wednesday night sessions to learn more on how to be confident, sexy Christians in today's lust-focused culture, Roberts said.

'Our desire is not just to drag people in, but to really meet their needs,' Roberts said.

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What: East Hill's Sexy Christians Series. Upcoming topics will include passion in long-term relationships, sexy singles and the warfare of sexuality.

When: 7 to 8:15 p.m. each Wednesday in October.

Where: East Hill's main auditorium, 701 N. Main Ave., Gresham.

For more information: Call 503-661-4444.

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