Local schools hold on to top state grades


Beaverton school officials are generally pleased with the results of state report cards released this week.

'We continue to perform well,' said Maureen Wheeler, Beaverton School District spokeswoman.

Thirty-eight of the district's 48 schools were rated as strong or exceptional, she said.

This is the eighth year for the report cards, part of the Legislature's push to show how schools are doing in relation to test performance, school improvement, attendance, dropout rates and other trends.

Schools fall into one of five ratings: exceptional, strong, satisfactory, low or unacceptable.

In all, 14 district schools were listed as exceptional. With the exception of Merlo Station's Community School, all high schools kept the same ranking as the previous year.

Wheeler said the Community School's move from an 'unacceptable' to 'satisfactory' ranking was a major bright spot in the report.

That school caters to students who are struggling in other school settings.

Once again, both the School of Science and Technology and the high school grades at Arts and Communication Magnet Academy received exceptional ratings.

Aloha, Beaverton and Sunset high schools continued their satisfactory rankings and Southridge again received a strong ranking.

In addition to the two district high schools receiving a top rating, Aloha-Huber Park, Bethany, Findley, Hiteon, Jacob Wismer, Kinnaman, Montclair, Nancy Ryles, Oak Hills, Scholls Heights, Terra Linda and William Walker elementary schools were ranked exceptional.

District officials have said it's often difficult to maintain an exceptional rating from year to year.

There were some dips as well. Beaver Acres, Elmonica, Fir Grove and Sexton Mountain slipped from exceptional to strong rankings. Also, Barnes, Cooper Mountain, Mountain View and Whitford went from strong to satisfactory ratings.

By the same token, Hiteon, Kinnaman, Montclair, Terra Linda and William Walker rose, boosting those schools from strong to exceptional slots.

Meadow Park went from a 'satisfactory' score to a 'strong' rating.