Recently installed Robinwood Park spray pad a hit with summer visitors
by: VERN UYETAKE Jon Burkhead, 3, of West Linn cools off in Robinwood Park’s newest spray pad.

With summer heat and sunny weather finally making appearances in the Pacific Northwest, residents in search of ways to help kids beat the heat need look no further than the spray pads dotting several of West Linn's parks - including the recent installation at Robinwood Park.

This button-operated spray pad blasts water from different angles and is complete with boulder perches for children at play.

'It's the perfect size; it's nice and small,' said Lisa Faveluke, a Wilsonville resident who found out about the park's water feature online. 'We don't want the secret to get out.'

She said she also likes the proximity of the play structure to the spray pads, as it allows children to go back and forth between the two.

Faveluke added that the spray pad's fountains provide for a more interesting tactile play experience for kids than a traditional wading pool would.

'It's the best water park in the city,' said Michelle Woodard - a West Linn day care owner who has been coming to the area since before it was a park - adding that she appreciates the spray pad's noncircular shape.

Trinity Siefer, 11, agreed.

'I like coming here on hot days,' Siefer said. 'It's not like Hammerle Park, (where the spray pad is circular); you don't have to bunch together.'

Woodard said possible improvements to the spray pad could include the installation of a tripod awning that would provide shade for children at play and a buffer to prevent stubbed toes.

Robinwood Park is at 3600 Fairview Way.

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