'The Horseman's Daughter' tells story of rodeo star
by: , The Horseman's Daughter

Troutdale resident Jeff Owenby recently published his first novel, 'The Horseman's Daughter,' which chronicles 78 years in the life of a Texas woman and her rise to national stardom in the rodeo circuit.

The book's protagonist is Carla Jane, the daughter of a 10-time world champion cowboy who dreams of being a professional rodeo star.

However, Carla falls into a coma when a freak rodeo accident nearly kills her. As she recovers, she must learn how to rebuild her life.

Owenby describes his novel as 'a sweeping tale of love, tragedy, inspiration and … hardship.'

The idea for the book came from a teleplay Owenby was working on at the time. He reportedly got caught up in his research and spent a great deal of time interviewing cowgirls, horse breeders, rodeo officials and riders. Six years later, his novel was finished.

Owenby is in the process of writing two other books - one fiction and one nonfiction.

'The Horseman's Daughter' is available at and retails for $29.95. It is also available through Borders and Barnes and Noble.

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