Dundee earthquake's rumbling felt in Washington County

A small earthquake sent minor shakes throughout southern Washington County

A small earthquake shook the area southwest of Sherwood Thursday night, Oct. 12.

The 2.9 magnitude earthquake occurred at 10:18 p.m., and its epicenter was approximately one mile west of Dundee, or about 10 miles southwest of Sherwood.

According to the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, people as far north as the North Plains area felt small tremors from the quake.

The USGS has seven classifications for ranking its earthquakes based on their magnitude on the Richter scale. And quake rating of 3 or below is classified as micro, the smallest type of quake.

There are frequent micro quakes in the area around Mount St. Helens, and there was a larger, 4.5-magnitude quake about seven miles east of Mount Rainier on October 7.