It is time for me to make known my endorsements for the Troutdale City Council in the coming election. I have been mayor of Troutdale since April l993 so I have a history with some of the candidates, and I know all of them quite well.

For position 1, I endorse Marianne Vier over Jim Kight. Marianne is a very credible candidate who is serving on the Troutdale Planning Commission. She also was a member of the blue-ribbon Ad Hoc Riverfront Renewal Committee.

This committee had the vision to create the exciting urban renewal plan, which was approved in May by nearly two-thirds of Troutdale voters. She is a capable, compassionate and caring person who is a good listener and an effective communicator. She carefully considers all sides of an issue before making a decision.

Jim, who claims to be interested in helping decide the future of Troutdale, has not participated in any city activities since his run for the mayor's position in 2004. This apparent lack of interest speaks volumes about his true dedication to the city during his two-year hiatus from any form of citizen involvement. Just as bothersome is Jim's penchant for giving people the impression that he should get credit for all of the good things that happened in our city during the 10 years he was on the City Council. I was mayor of Troutdale during those years and since. Our accomplishments were attained by the City Council as a whole and not by any one elected official.

In the race for position 3, I endorse Councilor Norm Thomas over Pat Smith. Norm is growing as a councilor. He analyzes all sides of an issue and tries very hard to come down on the side of the people. Pat Smith is a very nice woman who has served her time on the council. However, she was not always on the side of progress. Her opposition to the relocation of the old sewer treatment plant together with her opposition to the Riverfront Renewal Plan, intended to reclaim the vacated site, indicates a lack of vision.

In the contest for position 5, I endorse another promising candidate, Matthew Wand, over incumbent Barbara Kyle. Matthew is on the city budget committee and is serving on Troutdale's 100-Year Anniversary Celebration Committee. He is a clear thinker and a voice of reason. He uses his ample skills as an attorney to listen to all sides of an issue. He believes existing neighborhoods should be protected from the adverse effects of encroaching development.

Barbara Kyle is a very nice woman, but it appears that she doesn't always support the best interests of the people. She is inconsistent when she votes on issues of protection of existing neighborhoods. For instance, she has voted in favor of protecting one existing neighborhood, but not another, from adverse effects of encroaching development.

She favors retaining the right-of-way for a 242nd connector five-lane arterial in the western part of the County Farm property. This roadway, if built, would severely impact Troutdale and Wood Village. Her opposition to the Riverfront Renewal Plan tends to show that she lacks the vision to be an effective councilor.

So there you have it. I strongly endorse Marianne Vier for position l, Norm Thomas for position 3 and Matthew Wand for position 5.

Paul Thalhofer is the mayor of Troutdale.

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