Three tragedies in as many days stun area
by: Carole Archer, Sharon Nesbit

1916 - Pioneer houses were fast disappearing in Oregon, The Outlook reported 90 years ago. The houses under discussion were surviving log cabins and homes made of 'eastern-sawed' lumber, meaning that the material was shipped to the area before sawmills were established.

The last log cabin in this area, the paper reported, was the Cedar School building, which had been torn down shortly after the turn of the century. The homes of eastern-sawed lumber were plain buildings, without 'gimcracks or gewgaws,' usually built in a two-story rectangle and with symmetrical windows.

1926 - A crew of local workers was busy tearing down the 'big log house' at Menucha in Corbett 80 years ago. Julius Meier's old summer house was plagued with termites and carpenter ants, and he planned to replace it with a new home. That building still stands and is called Wright Hall. Menucha is a retreat and conference center.

1936 - Three tragedies in three days shocked residents of the area 70 years ago. Roy Peebler, 45, manager of the Twelve-Mile Auto Camp, was killed by two shotgun blasts to his back as he walked between the cabins. He was killed by an angry tenant over a quarrel about rent payment. In addition, James Moore, 46, proprietor of the Beaver Creek Garage on what is now Stark Street at Troutdale Road, was struck by a driver who failed to stop at an intersection and killed. And Fritz Erickson, 43, of Linnemann Junction died of a head wound as he crawled through a barbed wire fence. The trigger of his rifle caught on a strand of wire.

1946 - A chrome dining room set, with plastic table top in ivory, red or blue, was offered at Amiton's Furniture in Gresham 60 years ago. The price of the five-piece set started at $64.95 and is worth several hundred dollars these days in antique stores. And you could buy a steering wheel spinner knob at Zimmerman's 12-Mile Store for 36 cents. The steering knobs are now illegal.

1956 - Rockwood Church of God, 133 N.E. 192nd Ave., won a $200 prize from the Oregon Council of Churches and Sears Roebuck in the Town and Country Church Improvement campaign 50 years ago. The first prize went to the church for improvements on buildings, organization and community services.

1966 - High food costs and increasing prices at the grocery store caused local shoppers to consider a boycott of six chain stores in the Gresham area 40 years ago. And Gresham's Beautification Committee, chaired by Jerry Green, decided that adding trees to the business area would make a difference.

1976 - Gresham Spa, Figure and Fitness Center for women offered 13 visits for $6.50 30 years ago. A 19-inch Toshiba color television cost $299. The Gay Blade, Clothes for Men, offered leisure suits for $19.99.

1986 - Officers raided a building in a Fairview industrial park 20 years ago, finding 350 marijuana plants in a large growing operation. Voters that year were looking at a ballot measure that would prohibit the use of state money for abortions.

1996 - The Rev. Cynthia O'Brien was the new pastor at Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church in Fairview 10 years ago.

2005 - At this time last year, Gresham firefighters were sent to the Gulf Coast to help pick up in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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