What's in a name?: Zigzag

by: Shannon Proulx, The Zigzag Ranger Station bears the unusual name of the town.

According to Oregon Geographic Names, the town of Zigzag is named after the nearby Zigzag River, a tributary of the Sandy River. On Oct. 11, 1845, Joel Palmer crossed the Zigzag Canyon on Mount Hood, and in his journal he described his descent: 'Zigzag for about 100 yards, then turn short round, and go zigzag until you come under the place where you started from, then to the right and so on until you reach the base.'

In 1907, Ranger Percy Shelley began work on the Zigzag Ranger Station, which was a two-room cabin that was later enlarged to five rooms in 1915. The station has grown over the years, and the current building was constructed in 1966.

- Shannon Proulx