Five quality people.

Three open slots.

Twenty days to the Nov. 7 election.

Those are the numbers that local voters have to contend with in deciding who to elect to the Lake Oswego City Council. Candidates include Douglas Reiter, Roger Hennagin, J.T. Tenneson, Kristin Johnson and Donna Jordan. Each brings a different set of skills and interests to the table and each should be commended for offering to serve the community in a job that often becomes a labor of love.

In Reiter you have a no-nonsense businessman who rebuilt his financial empire and clearly would hold the city accountable for water quality issues on Oswego Lake.

In Hennagin you have an attorney with expertise in employment-related issues and extensive experience on committees dealing with transportation concerns.

In Tenneson you have the CEO of a successful company who is a past president of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

In Johnson you have an energetic politician-in-the-making who has strong vision and would undoubtedly attract more interest from young people to city government.

In Jordan you have someone with a strong background in the civic service realm, including lengthy stints spent on education, transportation and planning issues.

Which one is best suited for Lake Oswego?

Tough call, especially with the number of potentially spendy issues facing the city such as the lake interceptor, Foothills, streetcar, community center and others. These issues will all take time, vision and the wisdom of Solomon to sort out.

Which one is best suited for Lake Oswego?

We think that the legal and transportation background and empathy of Hennagin, the public works-business savvy of Tenneson and the up-front, civic-minded approach of Jordan would best serve Lake Oswego and we urge voters to support these three.

In saying this, we want to give a thumbs-up to Johnson, for being a solid, well-informed candidate who's only lacking is experience. We hope she will continue to exhibit the zeal and interest in the local political arena. Once she's got a touch more experience under her belt, look out Lake Oswego.

Reiter, too, is to be commended. He's smart, determined and has a staight-forward approach to life. He would work hard but we aren't sure how well he would be able to work with his fellow councilors.

An interesting choice of candidates, and Lake Oswegans are the luckier for their involvement.

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