Responding to residents' complaints, the City of Cornelius will launch a blitz to crack down on abandoned vehicles next week.

Up until next Monday, Oct. 23, city officials will compile a list of vehicles called in by the public. Residents can contact the Cornelius Police Department receptionist at 503-359-1881 or the Code Enforcement Office at 503-992-5381.

Abandoned vehicles will be tagged as a notice to their owners that they have seven days to remove these vehicles from the City's streets or be towed at the owner's expense.

Also during this time the enforcement officers will be conducting patrols to search for any vehicle left on the public streets in violation of city or state codes.

City officials suggest owners remove any vehicle from the street which:

•Has been left parked on a public street more than 24 hours

•Has expired vehicle plates or flat or removed tires

•Is in a condition that would leave it inoperable or is rusted, wrecked or partially dismantled

•Is blocking any street, road, alley or pedestrian or bicycle path

•Is a camper, motor home, trailer, boat or bus that has been on a public street for more than 72 hours

Officials warn that movement or relocation of a vehicle within a city block (between the intersections of the two nearest public streets) doesn't extend the time limit for parking.

City officials note that several groups accepted donated vehicles, including the Oregon Humane Society, 503-416-7079 and Volunteers of America Oregon, 503-239-7944.

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