Bomb squad says crude device would not have worked

Beaverton police have charged two 13-year-old boys at Five Oaks Middle School in connection with a bomb found in one of the boys' backpacks Wednesday morning.

Police said Friday that the bomb was a crude explosive device that probably would not have worked.

The Portland Police Bomb Disposal Unit responded Wednesday to the middle school and removed the device. It was about the size of a baseball, wrapped with duct tape and had a fuse. Inside was gun powder, road flare powder and shrapnel.

The boys were charged with one count each of attempted manufacture of a destructive device and possession of a hoax destructive device.

Beaverton police responded to a call at 9:30 a.m. after school administrators said someone reported that a 13-year-old student claimed he was carrying a bomb.

The student was on a bus when he made the comment.

An item, which was believed to be an explosive device, was later found in that student's backpack along with a pill vial that the student said contained what he believed was a flammable liquid.

The boys were released Wednesday to their families. On Friday, they were referred to Washington County's juvenile department.

A Beaverton School District spokeswoman said up to five students were apparently involved or had knowledge of the incident.

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