Parrot dies in house fire

Eagle Creek woman escapes in her pajamas with dog and purse

Linda Pinnix's choice to sleep on the couch early last Wednesday morning-the night her Eagle Creek home burned to the ground-probably saved her life.

'She got out with her dog, her purse and the pajamas on her back,' said Pinnix's mother-in-law, Betty Pinnix.

Pinnix woke up at approximately 1 a.m. and saw flames flickering in her house at on Van Curen Road. She grabbed what was closest to her and left.

'I just opened the front door and ran and didn't look back,' she said.

The house, valued at approximately $250,000, was damaged beyond salvage, said Lt. Pat Bigelow of the Boring Fire District. The Pinnixes also lost the family parrot, which they'd owned for 35 years, and a pickup truck parked in the garage.

Linda Pinnix was the only person home at the time of the fire. When she escaped the burning house, she ran to her mother-in-law's house next door while calling 9-1-1 on her cell phone.

Sandy and Boring firefighters responded to the fire. The cause of the blaze-which investigators say isn't suspicious-is yet to be determined, Bigelow said.

The fire, Bigelow said, started on the outside of the house and quickly burned inside and up into the attic. At the point of origin, fire investigators found electrical outlets, an extension cord and a hot tub. Independent investigators will analyze those devices to see which, if any, experienced electrical failure that led to the fire.

Pinnix was not harmed in the fire. She is currently living with her in-laws and said that her insurance company is going to move a mobile home to the property while she rebuilds the house.

Betty Pinnix said she was glad her daughter-in-law wasn't in her upstairs bedroom.

'I'm afraid the smoke would have gotten her before she could have gotten out,' Betty Pinnix said.

Marcus Hatchcock, Editor of the Sandy Post, contributed to this article.