William Hurt returns to Portland for 'Vanya'

The Oscar winner will star at the Artists Repertory Theatre in January
by: Getty Images, Actor William Hurt will star in the U.S. premier of an adaptation of the Chekhov play 'Uncle Vanya' at the Artists Repertory Theater in January.

For the second time, Academy Award-winning actor William Hurt will star in a production at Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre. The veteran actor will play Dr. Astrov in the U.S. premiere of 'Vanya,' in January.

Hurt joined ART for a production of Michael Healy's 'Drawer Boy' in 2004, starring alongside artistic director Allen Nause. The two men met in 1975 in Ashland when they were cast in 'Hamlet' at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Nause will play Vanya in the updated Chekhov classic, which will also feature his love interest, Australian TV star Krista Vendy, and local actors Valerie Stevens and Tobias Andersen.

Hurt won an Oscar in 1985 portraying a gay man imprisoned as a child molester in 'Kiss of the Spider Woman.' He received nominations for two subsequent films, 'Children of a Lesser God' (1986) and 'Broadcast News' (1987), making him one of the top stars in Hollywood. He was nominated for 'A History of Violence' in 2005.

In addition to his past Oregon theater appearances, Hurt for a time considered taking a teaching position at Portland State University and has been in the area recently shooting the Sean Penn film 'Into the Wild,' which will also star Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden, Vince Vaughn and Catherine Keener.