King Citys Jane Turner resigns

Illness forces another city official to cut short their tenure working for the City's benefit

King City's City Manager Jane Turner today told her staff and the acting mayor of King City, Council President Ron Shay, that she is resigning from her post because of illness.

Turner, who has been the town's city manger since 1989, said she has a kidney disease and is anticipating news from Legacy Transplant Services, who has placed her on a waiting list for a donated kidney.

She said that this would have been her final year as city manager as she was planning to retire next summer when her current contract was up, but the job right now is too taxing for her, so she decided to step down immediately.

'I just don't think it would be fair to the city as I go through this,' Turner said Wednesday. 'But I'm going to work part-time until someone is found to take my place.'

She will begin working reduced hours through December and said she will assist in making an easy transition when a city manager to replace her can be hired.

If a new city manager cannot be found by the end of December, she said she will continue on until someone is found and brought up to speed with city business.

Her schedule at City Hall from now on will be just three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, unless appointments require her to be at in the office.

Turner said she has enjoyed her tenure with King City and she has taken pleasure in bringing many new ideas to the city, including improving planning and development services, starting a free Thanksgiving dinner tradition for the community and creating the King City Festival of Music.

In September, just before the first Festival of Music, the mayor of King City, Chuck Faes resigned due to illness. It was Turner's desire to have the Festival dedicated to Faes for his service to King City.

Acting Mayor Shay said the Council will have discussions about where they will go from here during an executive session at the next council meeting the first Wednesday in November.

'She has been a real hard working, loyal employee,' he said. 'She told me she loves the job and always has, it's been a labor of love.'

City staff said Turner cultivated a friendly atmosphere at City Hall and that they enjoy coming to work each day because of her.

Shay, who has already contacted the City Councilors with the news, said the Council will begin looking for a permanent City Manager right away.

'We don't want to put an interim person in there I don't think, and she doesn't either. It would just cause more confusion than it does good. We're going to take time to look for someone and have a more gradual transition.'