Oregon Right to Life has sponsored a very dangerous ballot measure. Measure 43 is not as simple as its proponents want you to think it is, and it is extremely unsafe. It requires parents of a teen 15-17 to be notified 48 hours before she has an abortion. The notice is in the form of a certified letter. The doctor would face a lawsuit or worse if the letter does not reach the parent for any reason. This does nothing to protect our most vulnerable teens and may actually push teens away from the help they need most.

The abortion rate has declined 39-percent in Oregon over the past decade as result of education and prevention programs. Can the government truly force family communication? Some teen girls face physical abuse or worse if their parents are notified of their plans to end a pregnancy... do the backers of Measure 43 care about protecting those teens too? I think not. Please join me in voting No on Measure 43.

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