Hennagin works hard in the community

To the Editor:

Roger Hennagin would be an asset to the community as a city councilor. We have known and worked with Roger for a number of years in Lake Oswego: through the Willamette Shore Trolley Task Force, Rotary, the chamber, the Downtown Traffic alternatives committee, as well as professionally and personally. Roger has demonstrated both leadership and the ability to collaborate. He is a pragmatic optimist who believes that by working together we will further enhance our community. Roger believes in the values of volunteering and hard work. He is often seen helping with hammer and shovel in addition to his skills of listening and negotiating.

Roger has years of experience in our community. He is reliable. He is running for Lake Oswego City Council as a way to contribute further to the community, but without a specific agenda. His balanced, thoughtful approach to issues will serve us well as we deal with our infrastructure needs, neighborhood growth, transportation needs, library, community center, Foothills development and Lake Grove Village plan.

We believe Roger has the skills, temperament and experience to serve us all well and deserves our vote to be on the next city council.

Paul and Teri Graham

Lake Oswego

Peterson is the right choice for commissioner

To the Editor:

I am voting for Lynn Peterson for Clackamas County Commissioner, and I urge others to join me.

I've worked with Lynn on the Lake Oswego City Council for almost four years. She started out smart. She is finishing smart, energetic, determined and experienced. She has an unusual depth of knowledge about transportation issues, which are among our most important concerns. She knows how the system works, and how to make it work for us. Her intelligence and analytical approach to other issues mean she will serve us well on the other side of the Willamette River.

Lake Oswego has not always been listened to by the county commissioners over the past few years. Lynn will make sure all of the county's interests are served.

Ellie McPeak

Lake Oswego

Progress the key word in school achievement

To the Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I was to read Cori Bolger's story 'Report Cards Are Positive' on Lake Oswego schools on the 2005-06 school report cards.

I am very proud of the hard work and focus of the educators, students, and parents and families in your community. It is wonderful to see progress being made the important areas of student achievement and school recognition.

The Oregon Legislature created report cards in 1999 to help schools communicate with parents and their communities about student test reading and math proficiency levels, school improvement, attendance, dropout rates, teacher education and experience and other indicators.

Based on your school report cards, you can be very proud of your local schools, your local educators and your hardworking students. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

Susan Castillo

Superintendent of Public Instruction


Reiter 'committed to making a difference'

To the Editor:

I have known Doug Reiter as a business colleague and as a friend since 1993. He has always impressed me as a man of his word - a man who has always done what he said he would do.

He is a man of few words, but rest assured his comments are based on knowledge and intellect, not on 'political correctness' and 'feel good' concerns.

If the voters of Lake Oswego want a city council member committed to excellence and one who is committed to making a difference for the good of the order - Doug Reiter can do that.

Vern Kondra

Lt. General, USAF, retired

University Place, Wash.

Devlin earns respect through his hard work

To the Editor:

Several years ago, due to legislative redistricting, our residence was shifted from the edge of the First Congressional District into the edge of the Fifth Congressional District. That shift also included a new state senate district, the one held by Sen. Richard Devlin, about whom I knew very little at that time.

Since then, I have come to admire his strong work on behalf of his district, his firm commitment to good government, and his consistent support for education, both K-12 and higher education. Regarding higher education, it has been my pleasure to work directly with Sen. Devlin in seeking support for our state's university system. Through this work and correspondence I have learned of his genuine personal desire to ensure a quality educational opportunity for all Oregonians. It is a commitment he has reaffirmed many times.

This November I will reaffirm my commitment to Sen. Devlin with my vote.

Clarence Hein


Vote no on Measure 43: It is 'very dangerous'

To The Editor:

Oregon Right to Life has sponsored a very dangerous ballot measure.

Measure 43 is not as simple as its proponents want you to think it is, and it is extremely unsafe. It requires parents of a teen 15 to17 to be notified 48 hours before she has an abortion. The notice is in the form of a certified letter. The doctor would face a lawsuit or worse if the letter does not reach the parent for any reason. This does nothing to protect our most vulnerable teens and may actually push teens away from the help they need most.

The abortion rate has declined 39 percent in Oregon over the past decade as result of education and prevention programs. Can the government truly force family communication?

Some teen girls face physical abuse or worse if their parents are notified of their plans to end a pregnancy ... do the backers of Measure 43 care about protecting those teens, too? I think not.

Please join me in voting No on Measure 43.

Sarah Bagley


County Ballot Measure 3-221 deserves our support

To the Editor:

If you are a Clackamas County resident looking for a simple, economic, non-political, earth-friendly way to make a difference and support clean water and healthy soils in our county, please vote yes on Ballot Measure 3-221.

Ballot Measure 3-221 will provide a stable funding base for the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District. This small band of four amazing individuals not only provide landowners throughout Clackamas County with free, technical assistance and training in rural-related manure, mud and pasture management techniques, but they also provide free workshops on Home and Garden Pesticide Safety, Wildlife Habitat Design, Golf Course Quality Lawns, Rainwater Harvesting, Sustainable Design, Invasive Species Control and other current topics.

The mission of this group is about seeking a balance between natural resources, the economy and the community. They do this through education, cooperation, habitat enhancement partnerships and technical assistance.

They work with nursery and produce growers, livestock owners, foresters, farmers, urban and rural landowners, businesses, municipalities and others to meet rising legal and public expectations for healthy and sustainable management of our land, air and water. They work with folks like you and me who just want to be good stewards.

The district does not make or enforce regulations. They teach us how to manage weeds and mud, how to keep our soils healthy and how to keep our healthy soils out of the water. They are here for us and they deserve our support and we deserve their support, so please join me in voting yes for Measure 3-221.

Sha Spady

Oregon City

Thanks for publishing League's voting guide

To the Editor:

Thank you for printing the League of Women Voter's Guide to the upcoming election.

It is refreshing to get a non-partisan, objective overview of candidates and issues. I have learned to completely tune out the negative, mud-slinging one gets on TV and finding a guide that requires candidates to answer specific questions about issues is refreshing.

The Tribune and the Community Newspaper Group are to be congratulated in their role in helping publish this guide.

Mike Burton


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