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According to Safe Kids USA, children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than on any other night of the year. In an effort to make Tuesday a safe Halloween in the community, here are some safety tips:

For young goblins

* Cross streets only at corners, and never cross between parked cars.

* Walk facing oncoming traffic if there is no sidewalk.

* Watch out for vehicles turning into or backing out of driveways.

* Do not cut across yards or go through alleys.

* Trick-or-treat only in well-known neighborhoods at houses with a porch light lit.

For parents

* Know the route your children will be taking, set a time for them to return and make sure they are accompanied by a responsible adult

* Consider purchasing Halloween treats other than candy, such as stickers, erasers, crayons, pencils or sealed packages of raisins or dried fruit.

* Make sure the ghosts and goblins visiting your home will be safe. Remove lawn decorations, sprinklers or other items that could obstruct your walkway. Provide a well-lit outside entrance to your home.

* Instruct your children not to eat anything until they return home. Although tampering is rare, a responsible adult should closely examine all treats and throw away any spoiled, unwrapped or suspicious items.


The following Halloween safety tips are from the Oregon State Police Missing Children Clearinghouse and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

* Don't let children go trick or treating alone. Be sure older children use the buddy system.

* Accompany young children to the door of every house they approach. Stay within sight of the door when opened.

* Parents should be familiar with every house, and with all people from whom the children receive treats.

* Children should be cautioned never to enter any home without prior permission from their parents.

* Children should be cautioned never to approach any vehicle, occupied or not, unless they know the owner and are accompanied by a parent.

* Make sure that all children carry a glow stick or flashlight and wear reflective clothing.

* When using facemasks, make sure the child can see and breathe properly and easily.

* All costumes and masks should be clearly marked as flame resistant.

* Children should be warned to never approach any house that isn't well lit and that does not have a porch light on.

* Children should be cautioned to remember any suspicious incidents and report them to their parents, a trusted adult, or the police.

* Children should be cautioned to run away immediately from people who try to lure them with special treats.

* Children should be instructed to scream and make a scene if anyone tries to grab them or force them, in any way, to go with them.

* Parents should inspect all treats and dispose of anything that has been opened or has never been wrapped. The police should be notified if something has been tampered with.

* A good alternative to trick or treating is for parents to organize parties at home or through the child's school.

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