Beware of lies in pamphlet

To the Editor:

In the candidate statements in the Voters Pamphlet, one candidate manages to fill his page with many false accusations. His lack of knowledge on the subject of the current city council is a little concerning.

The candidate claims that the current West Linn City Council never began any audits for three years. In fact, it was the audits that the current council put in place that led to the discovery of the theft by the former finance director.

It was the former council that failed to act to have audits done. The finance clerk's fraud was discovered in 2005, not 2003. This was soon after the current council took office - evidence of their commitment to clean up city hall after the mismanagement of the prior administration.

I am urging the voters of West Linn to study the positions of the candidates thoroughly and make decisions based on those who are familiar with the truth of what the current council has done, and is continuing to do.

Heather Roms

West Linn

Vote Carson for city council

To the Editor:

Jody Carson is my neighbor and friend. She has a level of integrity and long standing commitment to civic responsibility that I admire and trust. West Linn could have no better council member. We would be wise to keep her.

I encourage each of you to join me in voting for Jody.

Becky Smith

West Linn

Vote yes for

soil, water


To the Editor:

If you are a Clackamas County resident looking for a simple, economic, non-political, earth-friendly way to make a difference and support clean water and healthy soils in our county, please vote yes on Ballot Measure 3-221.

Ballot Measure 3-221 will provide stable funding for the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District.

This small band of four amazing individuals not only provide landowners throughout Clackamas County with free, technical assistance and training in rural-related manure, mud and pasture management techniques, but they also provide free workshops on home and garden pesticide safety, wildlife habitat design, golf course quality lawns, rainwater harvesting, sustainable design, invasive species control and other current topics.

The mission of this group is about seeking a balance between natural resources, the economy and the community. They do this through education, cooperation, habitat enhancement partnerships and technical assistance.

They work with nursery and produce growers, livestock owners, foresters, farmers, urban and rural land owners, businesses, municipalities and others to meet rising legal and public expectations for healthy and sustainable management of our land, air and water. They work with folks like you and me who just want to be good stewards.

The district does not make or enforce regulations. They teach us how to manage weeds and mud, how to keep our soils healthy and how to keep our healthy soils out of the water. They are here for us and they deserve our support and we deserve their support so please join me in voting yes for Measure 3-221.

Sha Spady

Oregon City

Oregon R's need to send the GOP a message

To the Editor:

This is the year for independents and moderate republicans to vote a straight democratic ticket in all elections.

Reason one: Restore checks and balances to the federal government. The GOP has demonstrated, at great expense to our nation, exactly the reasons a two-party system is necessary. One-party rule has failed to protect our people, our military, our national security and our treasury from an arrogant administration.

Reason two: Broaden the debate. Does anyone else believe we need real discussions about the issues that face us? Is anyone else tired of the GOP line 'reduce taxes and all good things will eventually follow' philosophy? Is it okay that children of low-income families are expected to 'suck it up' until GOP policies finally employ their parents? Are there no reasons to develop policies in the public interest? Is physical growth (plus the immigrants business says we need to construct it) the only economic model these people can come up with? It is time to bring balance back into the discussion.

Reason three: Democrats are better for small business and the middle class. Republicans will scoff at this statement, but democratic administrations have historically been stronger on job creation. The rate of job creation reflects the health of business. And while both parties have failed us in the trade arena, today's GOP will never support fair-trade policies that build strong middle classes here and abroad (great for business!) because their view of globalism is exploitive, not expansive.

Reason four: Fix the party. Remember when fiscal responsibility, state's rights and keeping government out of our private lives were important? We need a republican party that will craft policies in the broader interests of the nation instead of the GOP elite, war advocates and the religious right. That means supporting the opposition party until the GOP becomes responsible to a broader constituency. At the very least, write-in your favorite cartoon character. This is NOT a wasted vote. If enough dissatisfied republicans do this, the message to the GOP will be loud and clear. If they want your support in 2008, they will listen.

Carrie Pellett

West Linn

City should be proud of local schools

To The Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I was to read your story 'Schools earn best grades' on West Linn-Wilsonville schools and the 2005-06 school report cards. I am very proud of the hard work and focus of the educators, students, and parents and families in your community. It is wonderful to see progress being made the important areas of student achievement and school recognition.

As you know, the Oregon Legislature created report cards in 1999 to help schools communicate with parents and their communities about student test performance, school improvement, attendance, dropout rates, teacher education and experience, and other indicators.

Based on the most recent school report cards, you can be very proud of your local schools, your local educators and your hardworking students. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

Susan Castillo

Superintendent of

Public Instruction, Salem

Bruun work ethic inspires faith

To the Editor:

I am proud to support Rep. Scott Brunn. He proved himself to be effective as our Representative and served us proudly during a time when we are losing faith in public servants. I know he is only one of 60 Representatives, but let's hope Scott's work ethic rubs off on the other 59.

Jeanne Rohrbacker

West Linn

For city's sake, elect Scott Burgess

To the Editor:

Give credit where credit's due.

For residents that support this city council compared to the council replaced in 2004, then it is essential that they vote to re-elect Council President Scott Burgess.

Credit Council President Burgess's leadership for being instrumental in leading a council that has been 'fair, patient and realistic about the challenges facing the city.'

Credit Councilor Burgess's leadership for being instrumental in hiring a competent city manager. His leadership, experience and intelligence have been instrumental in overhauling the city's budget and in moving the budget process toward simplicity with adequate controls over city's finances.

Credit Council President Burgess for leading a Council that was productive in many areas even in the face of the overwhelming financial challenges it inherited.

Seize the opportunity. Continue Councilor Burgess's leadership for our sake - for the sake of good sound common sense City governance.

Robert Stark

West Linn

Tripp's actions unsportsmanlike

To the Editor:

I was interested to see that mayoral candidate, David Tripp, refused an interview with the Tidings' Editorial Board because they refused to endorse him in the past. As an ardent Oregon State fan and one who has tickets to the game with USC this weekend, I am glad that the Beaver football team does not have the same philosophy.

I cannot remember a time when the sports writers have picked OSU over USC in many years, but they still decide to participate and play the game. Perhaps they understand that sports writers have a duty similar to the editorial board - to pick the best candidate!

The editorial board reviewed and understands the good job Mayor King has done and the obvious hazards of electing a candidate who advocates returning to the strong mayor form of government. And, oh yes, although the odds are against them, Go Beavs!

Don Williams

West Linn

Backa for House District 37

To the Editor:

I'm writing to express my support for Bev Backa, candidate for State Representative here in House District 37. I believe Bev is ideally suited to represent us in Salem because of her diverse background, her thoughtful approach to the issues, and her strong desire to continue serving her community.

Bev strongly supports creative approaches to solving Oregon's problems - which is exactly what we need to get our state back on track.

As a Tualatin resident, I have a particular interest in the outcome of this race. Tualatin has been overlooked by the District 37 representative for more than a decade, but this will change if Bev is elected. Bev has already demonstrated her commitment to our community by taking an active role in our Tualatin Tomorrow planning process. We need a representative who will pay attention the entire district, not just his own neighborhood.

Please join me in voting for Bev. Together, we can make Oregon a better place for us all.

Veronica Williams


County needs Sowa's expertise

To the Editor:

I support Larry Sowa for reelection as Clackamas County Commissioner. Larry has proved his capabilities by his years of public service. Possibly no one in elective office knows Clackamas County better or cares more about its varied needs than Larry Sowa. We need to keep his knowledge and experience working for us.

I served with Larry for nearly 15 years on the Board of Clackamas Community College. He was always informed, prepared and a strong supporter of the college. As a member of the Oregon Legislature during that time, he was a dependable advocate for students, also.

Rare among politicians, Larry Sowa does not talk endlessly, but he listens. When he spoke we paid attention, because the information he gave was timely and helpful.

I value Larry's knowledge and experience. He has my highest respect. Please give your vote to keep Larry Sowa as Clackamas County Commissioner.

Mimi Chitty

West Linn

Vote No on Measure 43

To The Editor:

Oregon Right to Life has sponsored a very dangerous ballot measure.

Measure 43 is not as simple as its proponents want you to think it is, and it is extremely unsafe. It requires parents of a teen 15-17 to be notified 48 hours before she has an abortion. The notice is in the form of a certified letter. The doctor would face a lawsuit or worse if the letter does not reach the parent for any reason. This does nothing to protect our most vulnerable teens and may actually push teens away from the help they need most.

The abortion rate has declined 39 percent in Oregon over the past decade as a result of education and prevention programs. Can the government truly force family communication? Some teen girls face physical abuse or worse if their parents are notified of their plans to end a pregnancy... do the backers of Measure 43 care about protecting those teens too? I think not. Please join me in voting No on Measure 43.

Sarah Bagley


Pryor lets loose his ire

To the Editor:

Frost is on the pumpkins and West Linn residents are readying themselves for the seasonal gala. Ready for more shenanigans served up by the appointed residents of city hall?

In the last two years citizens were served up a debacle in Wilderness Park, mass annexations where each new entrant to the city was exempted from the normal $2,000 fee, a proposal for a revised water master plan that overlooked improper requests of vendors to include the Urban Reserve Study Area - yikes - outside city limits. Trouble here in River City! (so much for NO intention to grow beyond the UGB). Double trouble!

Upon assuming office, the current residents of city hall killed a resolution for a charter amendment to require a vote by residents to approve any changes in West Linn's 50 percent equity in the South Fork Water Board. Current officials have conveniently forgotten about the 2000 failed inter-governmental agreement to divide equity in the South Fork Water Board between West Linn, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Tigard, and the North Clackamas County Water Commission.

We're living through a bad remake of the movie 'Chinatown.' It's the water! Duh.

NO water, NO growth. West Linn is flush with water right now; wouldn't selling our excess water to enhance West Linn's finances be the prudent thing to do for the future? Diluting West Linn's 50 percent equity in the South Fork Water Board should NEVER happen; it's a lynch pen to controlling our growth, health and financial stability. Who knows what kind of troubles lurk in future dark and stormy nights?

Vote for me, Ken Pryor for council. I'll shoot straight with citizens, as will my friends David Tripp, Curt Sommer and Julie O'Connell.

Ken Pryor

West Linn


leadership in doubt

To the Editor:

Most of us are too busy to know the politics today. Inadequate news coverage causes uncertainty and ambivalence when voting. If reporters have the power to make a difference by telling the truth and don't, newspapers are guilty by omission.

I have the same disappointment with West Linn Mayor Norm King.

In 2005, Norm kept silent when Councilors Burgess and Gates said selling off our share of South Fork Water would never happen, so it didn't need to go to a vote of the people. Norm knew that West Linn's 50 percent share of South Fork was almost sold off in 2000 to other cities that could use it to develop the Stafford Triangle. Burgess, the city manager in 2000 worked on that deal. Our people deserve to know the truth and the right to vote on this.

Last month a new $191K Water Master Plan, proposed by Burgess and Gates, was on the agenda for the city council, acting as the contract review board. Chuck Lytle, a budget committee member, exposed information that showed planning was being done for services to the Urban Reserve Study Areas, (URSAs) in the Stafford Triangle. Norm quietly voted in favor even though staff called the URSAs language a 'mistake.' Both local reporters that night kept mum.

When it comes to actually protecting the Stafford Triangle and our right to vote on important issues, West Linn will need Dave Tripp for Mayor. I also believe that Julie O'Connell, Ken Pryor and Curt Sommers will have the best integrity, common sense and experience for city council. Vote for them and also, let's have the truth.

Teri Cummings

Former West Linn

City Councilor

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