Tualatin voters have the luxury of choosing in the Nov. 7 general election between four very good candidates for two seats on the City Council in the Nov. 7 general election. We favor incumbent Jay Harris for Position 1 and Frank Bubenik for Position 3. Both have valuable experience within City Hall and also in important community activities that will serve them well on the City Council.

Bubenik is a 13-year resident of Tualatin, who has served as co-chairman of Tualatin Tomorrow, the community visioning process, and as chair of the advisory committee for the city library. He also is a veteran of local politics, having run for the council four years ago in an election that became very contentious over issues of the city's relations with Metro and expansion of the urban growth boundary. We like Bubenik's focus on municipal priorities: local street congestion, major area transportation projects such a I-5/99W connector, building partnerships with citizens and business owners and library services.

Bubenik's opponent is Donna Maddux, who has lived in Tualatin for two and a half years. Maddux is an assistant state attorney general and clearly understands that Tualatin is a bedroom community for many residents who work elsewhere. We are concerned that her interests in running for council are shaped by territorial concerns about the impacts to southwest Tualatin should the connector be built. Maddux is bright and would bring unique perspectives to the council. But she also would need to learn that her interests in the city providing social services is the role of the state or the county, not a municipality.

Harris does a nice job of balancing his interest in good roads, police safety and programs for young people. He also is wise enough to understand that Tualatin must strike a balance between contracts for short-term water supply and long-term water needs. He is a six-year resident of Tualatin. Harris has been an active councilor representing Tualatin on library, emergency communications and development commissions.

Donald Funk opposes Harris. A resident of Tualatin for the past two and a half years, Funk has jumped right into community involvement in parks matters and the community visioning process. A retired teacher, Funk has a very long background in parks and recreation district board matters in California. He says he would bring that experience to Tualatin by calling for the creation of a task force to study parks and recreation services in the community.

Four good choices. But in our mind, Bubenik and Harris have the most local experience to get the job done well on the Tualatin City Council. Vote for Bubenik and Harris in the Nov. 7 general election.

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