Iron Mutt Coffee Company caters to people and pups


(Jennifer Priest Mitchell is a freelance writer in Beaverton. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

Do you ever take your dog to the park or for a morning walk and wish you could hang out with him while drinking your coffee at a local coffee house?

So did Sean Daughtery.

But he and his wife Rachelle actually brought that daydream to life when they opened the Iron Mutt Coffee Company in Beaverton this past April.

'We went to the outdoor parks all the time with our dog Bailey. We would laugh and say how great it would be if there was a coffee kiosk there at the park … then we started talking, and dreaming of a place like this,' he said.

A former insurance agent, Sean couldn't help but smile when he said, 'I was in (the insurance industry) for seven years, and I just can't say I miss it.' He warmly offers up, 'My wife has the real job, and now I have the dream job.'

But they are co-owners of this venture, which is surprisingly close to what their vision was when they began investigating opportunities and challenges for this type of business.

'We are still working on a covered area for outside, for use once it starts to rain,' Sean said.

Right now, however, the Iron Mutt is the perfect hang for people and their dogs. I took my own giant-sized pooch, husband, and children there recently and we were mightily impressed with the hospitality of the staff, as well as with the dog-themed drinks and treats (for people and pups).

The Iron Mutt is located at the end of a strip of businesses, so it is an easy stop-off point on your way to work or the mall; it is also easy to find when you're looking for a dog-friendly place to pop in for a cup of Joe. The outdoor patio is inviting, with tables and chairs and a replica of a water hydrant for dogs who need to make a deposit. The people who visit the Iron Mutt are, amazingly, just as warm and friendly as the folks who run it.

Sean shares that he and Rachelle are now researching possibilities for a second location.

'I know what to look for in a property as far as location and open space,' he said. They've done very well with their first location and although they're new to this business, they can quickly assess whether a property will meet their needs and those of their customers.

'We love our current location,' Sean said. 'People can walk here … we are close to retail and conveniently right off Baseline. For some coffee shops, weekends end up being hard for them, but Saturday and Sunday are often our best days.'

A native Oregonian, Sean graduated from Beaverton High School and is proud to call this area home.

'I love the weather here! We actually have seasons! And, all of Portland is so dog-friendly,' he said. 'And we have a lot of people who like to drink coffee, and that's good…

'I have traveled all over the U.S., and I've lived in Washington and California, but every time I come back to Oregon, I just set foot here and think, 'Ah, this feels like home!' And it really does!'

For more information about the Iron Mutt Coffee Company and upcoming events for people and their dogs, visit the Web site