Voters in King City and Tigard, as well as several other nearby cities have three important community levies that will enhance community livability

Passage of Measure 34-126 is a good investment in the Washington County Cooperative Library System, which voters created in 1976 with the passage of the first countywide levy for library services.

The unique and cost effective library system is one of the area's best deals. It includes a network of 123 city and community libraries that work cooperatively to provide a rapidly expanding number of residents a huge array of reading and audiovisual materials, literary programs, computer labs and community meeting facilities.

The four-year levy if approved would cost taxpayers 17 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation or $34 per year on a home valued at $200,000.

The critical reason for this levy is simple; it will help pay for the materials that go into the libraries themselves.

Readership is up at every county library, thus validating the reason of a 'yes' vote Measure 34-126. It's a good deal at a reasonable cost and we urge a 'yes' vote for libraries.

Measure 34-127 (Washington County Public Safety Levy)

By approving Measure 34-127 voters would renew a four-year levy that will fund countywide public safety services.

In the past, the public safety measure has funded approximately 17 percent of the county's justice service system.

The important thing about this levy is that it goes beyond providing funding to lock up bad people. The levy is structured to break the cycle of crime and also very importantly aid the victims of crime.

This is not just a county measure because it provides funds for those who work with criminals arrested by city police officers, like in King City.

Renewal of this measure would cost 42 cents per $1,000 assessed valuations, which is one cent per $1,000 less than taxpayers have paid in the past.

Most people consider public safety the Number One role of government. Measure 34-127 is a good investment anyway you look at it and we urge a 'yes' vote.

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