King City and Tigard voters have a tough decision in selecting their representative in House District 35.

Voters will select between Democratic incumbent Larry Galizio, a Portland Community College communications instruction with background in public affairs, or replace him with Republican challenger Shirley Parsons, a former Portland police officer with an impressive record in law enforcement.

It is rare that voters have such an outstanding choice to make, but with Galizio and Parsons on the ballot, we believe either will do a good job representing their district.

Our close endorsement goes to Larry Galizio because as a freshman he gained a firm grasp on the issues facing Oregon, melded well with his colleagues and positioned himself for more responsibility in the years ahead.

The only thing that bothers us about both candidates is the fact that both have strong ties to public employment and see many issues the same way when it comes to providing benefits for government workers.

We hope if Galizio is re-elected that he shows a deeper understanding of the challenges that face the private sector.

We also hope that if Parsons doesn't win this election, that she remains involved in area politics. She has a reputation of being an outstanding police officer, as well as a solid thinker, and consensus builder.

As a freshman legislator Larry Galizio built a solid reputation as a moderate consensus builder who was willing to put the good of an Oregon ahead of political partisanship.

Thus it is our recommendation to return Larry Galizio to Salem with the expectation that he will continue to grow as a respected leader.

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