CASCADE LOCKS - In the days after the tragic motor home accident along Interstate 84 that killed Springdale resident Bob Scott, additional information has come out about the people who helped out at the scene.

'There was a bunch of people who actually did stop and help,' said Cascade Locks' Fire Chief Jeff Pricher, after meeting with the neighbors of the Mountain View neighborhood, where the crash occurred the morning of Sunday, Oct. 22.

'The citizens of that neighborhood … jumped into action,' Pricher said. 'Somebody ran and grabbed a fire extinguisher, other people were stretching garden hoses to try to knock some of the flames down.'

Other neighbors helped Astoria resident Walter Hohl pull Bob Scott from the burning motor home, while someone else cared for Nev Scott until Cascade Locks fire officials showed up, Pricher said.

Among those who stopped and helped were Joseph Abbott, Joe Caron, Sharon Caron, David Hendrickson, Carol Keff, Ernest Roberts, Bob Vansickle and Muritz Wagner, who are residents of Cascade Locks' Mountain View area.

Mike Martin, an off-duty officer with the Hood River Police Department, also provided assistance.

'They basically did what anybody else would do in a situation where someone else is in need,' Pricher said. 'They used ingenuity to try to mitigate the situation as much as possible.'

Blankets the neighbors provided were actually used to help carry Bob up the hill to safety, Pricher said.

'They were doing as much good as they could,' Pricher said.

Fire officials were initially unclear about how many people helped out at the scene because it took eight minutes to get their volunteers to the station and to the scene of the crash, Pricher said.

'By the time we left, everyone had gone home. The only person who came forward as a witness was Mr. Hohl,' Pricher said, adding that Hohl was the only person who was injured in the rescue attempt. Hohl suffered minor burns on his forehead, cheeks and nose.

The Scott family would like to thank everyone who provided assistance at the scene of the accident.

If anyone has additional information about those who helped out, or has the names of the man who rode up on the motorcycle or the off-duty nurse who offered her assistance, please e-mail Sharon Nesbit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reporter Erin Shea can be reached by calling 503-492-5118, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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