Republican Jerry Krummel is familiar with his 26th House District. In addition to serving in the State House since 1999, he was also mayor of Wilsonville, the biggest city in the district, from 1991 to 1997.

So he feels like he's got a good handle on the issues that face his constituents, and whether its Wilsonville or Sherwood, he recognizes that one of the big things confronting the 26th is growth. That's why Krummel, who is running for reelection against Democrat Lee Coleman and Liberatrain candidate Charles Radley, is working on legislation that deals with growth issues, particularly schools.

'A lot of people talk about using SDCs (system development charges) to fund schools,' he said. 'We're working on a proposal that should raise some money and I think it will get some momentum.'

While it would not levy SDCs, Krummel believes there are ways, by using money that makes up the difference between the former taxable value of a property and the new value, and storing it away, to come raise a lot of money for school construction in a short amount of time.

Krummel has also sponsored legislation to assist manufactured homeowners with a tax credit to help move their home when their parks closed, another issue spurred by growth.

'I actually do see some more legislation coming down on that. It's going to continue to be a big issue because of land prices being what they are,' Krummel said. 'We talk a good game about affordable housing, but then we watch some of the affordable housing in these parks evaporate.'

Krummel also acknowledged the traffic issues that plague his district. He hopes the commuter rail from Wilsonville to Beaverton, currently under construction, will help ease the problem. He's also anxious to see an I-5 connector, but pointed out that the legislature isn't the one deciding where to put it. Still, he hopes to see it come to fruition soon.

'We've been talking about this thing for 20 years, and it's really time to put something on the ground,' he said.

Krummel has also sponsored legislation that created the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Web site, that forced offenders to register, and said he wants to expand the site, and 'get it online with where the federal government is.'

Krummel, 53, is married, and has one child, Amber, with his wife Gerri. He is a social studies teacher at Oregon Connections Academy, Scio. Krummel earned a bachelor of science in physical education, University of Utah, and a master's degree in teaching from Lewis and Clark.

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